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For those who’re seeking to discover the oceans and dwell among the many fish, then we have a bunch of nice Minecraft Coral Reef Seeds so that you can try! We have now sailed huge Heat Ocean biomes and braved treacherous seas for the very best Coral Reefs you’ll find in Minecraft, and mixed them into the handy listing beneath.

These seeds work for each Bedrock and Java, so it is best to have the ability to discover one thing you want on any platform. However, whereas world era works equally between the 2 variations, they nonetheless generate constructions at completely different areas. Due to this, we now have supplied useful lists of key areas for each variations of every seed!

Greatest Minecraft 1.19 Coral Reef Seeds

Mini Coral Mesa

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Seed: -1845039371514902489

A tiny outcrop of terracotta subsequent to a mini coral reef that expands right into a full reef additional out. This can be a large conflux of biomes, with a sprawling jungle and loads of areas to discover close by. That is positively an unique seed that does not have lots of the vanilla biomes in simple attain, so begin right here at your personal danger!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Coral Reef: 97, -407 Coral Reef: 97, -407
Bamboo jungle with pandas: 872, -700 Pillager Tower: 274, 222
Village over large cavern: 1116, -305 Savana Village: 278, 556
Mangrove swamp: 601, 375 Village with lava movement: -176, 546

Badlands Coral

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Seed: -3143061368131360472

An unlimited Badlands that sits subsequent to a sprawling Coral Ocean. This can be a stunning and distinctive location, so removed from the traditional inexperienced and brown of an ordinary Minecraft world it virtually feels modded. each Bedrock and Java editions have nice assets close by, and it is a excellent spot for a extra distinctive begin to your Minecraft journey.

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Coral Reef: 135, 635 Coral Reef: 26, 546
Shipwreck: 414, 686 Desert Temple: -257, 596
Floor lush cave: 500, -56 Ruined Portal: -250, 392
Floor deserted mine: 46, 20 Village: -376, -1446

Jungle Seaside on a Coral Ocean

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Seed: 168764718018804

Simply because the identify implies, your spawn on this seed is on the seashore encompassing a Jungle Biome. Proper off the seashore and inside view of the spawn are a number of branches of Coral Reef that stretch into the ocean so far as the attention can see. If you take wooden from the Jungle and vogue a ship, you may discover a big Heat Biome crammed with Coral Reef that spreads out previous the horizon!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Ocean Monument: 344 200 Ocean Monument: -712 168
Mushroom Island: -27 -267 Mushroom Island: -27 -267
Mushroom Island: -1550 -765 Mushroom Island: -1550 -765
Village: 2032 912 Village: 1864 840
Stronghold: 2052 -412 Stronghold: 1908 1412

Coral Badlands Dive

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Seed: 7850875

This can be a spectacular seed that fulfills your seek for a myriad of various uncommon biomes—all at spawn! Whereas the Coral Reef on this seed is not massive, it deserves particular point out due to how handy the seed is and the distinctive world era of the Coral Reef. You spawn close to a Jungle Biome (uncommon) that’s dwelling to a Lush Cave (rarer), and may stroll to the Wooded Badlands island (rarest) and take a dive into the majestic Coral Reef surrounding it!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Jungle Temple: 120 152 Ocean Monument: -296 -200
Wooded Badlands Plateau: -30 270 Wooded Badlands Plateau: -30 270
Nether Portal: 152 72 Nether Portal: 168 360
Shipwreck: 168 168 Coral Reef Dive: -65 390
Shipwreck: 72 456 Village/Stronghold: -744 -424

The Desert and the Coral Lake

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Seed: -1677612650

Benefit from the serene fantastic thing about the multi-colored Coral Reff whereas making the most of the assets and security supplied by Mushroom Islands on this great seed. You spawn close to two Desert Temples and a brief boat journey away from one of many largest chains of Mushroom Islands we have ever seen.You may discover that the physique of water between land and island is packed to the brim with Coral Reef and dozens of Shipwrecks!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Desert Temple: 232 184 Desert Temple: 376 -168
Desert Village: 368 0 Ruined Portal: 56 152
Shipwreck: 456 152 Shipwreck: 50 200
Mushroom Island: 260 560 Mushroom Island: 260 560
Shipwreck: 8 120 Shipwreck: 584 104

Badlands, Goodwaters

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Seed: 14000003

You spawn within the Badlands on this seed, which is without doubt one of the rarer and extra majestic biomes in Minecraft. However, you may ignore the great thing about the crimson mountains and look towards the ocean to see the attractive Coral Reef coast a pair dozen blocks away from spawn. For those who comply with the path of Coral Reef, you’ll ultimately attain one of many largest Coral Reefs you have ever seen.

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Coral Reef Coast: 120 340 Coral Reef Coast: 120 340
Shipwreck: 616 536 Shipwreck: -72 216
Shipwreck: 792 520 Desert Temple: 216 344
Village: 688 752 Shipwreck: 456 408
Coral Reef: East of spawn (towards +Z) Coral Reef: East of spawn (towards +Z)

Shipwreck within the Reef

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Seed: 12000039

This can be a peculiar seed the place you begin in a Mangrove Swamp, one of many new biomes in The Wilds replace. A brief hike away will lead you to a Desert Temple and a Village, each of that are on a coast that faces a large Coral Reef that stretches so far as the attention can see. Inside this reef are dozens of Shipwrecks, one in every of them being comparatively near spawn. With the Mangrove Swamp firstly, that is the right Coral Reef seed to kick off Minecraft 1.19!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Outpost: 112 -352 Desert Temple: 232 34
Village: 288 -480 Village: 72 312
Shipwreck: -104 664 Shipwreck: 232 440
Shipwreck: 24 680 Shipwreck: 472 680
Shipwreck: 24 872 Shipwreck: 488 136

The Villages of Coral Lake

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Seed: -3017594135420764773

This seed begins you subsequent to a modest Coral Reef shoreline with a number of villages surrounding it, which suggests it is a great begin for gamers who need to recognize the great thing about nature with out giving up the assets and social interplay supplied by Villages. If you push somewhat farther into the lake, you may discover a gargantuan Reef that reaches so far as the attention (and chunk rendering) can see!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Village: 640 -144 Outpost/Temple/Village: 88 -488
Village: 368 -160 Village: 216 296
Village: 256 272 Village: 88 600
Shipwreck: 552 200 Desert Temple: 280 40
Desert Temple: 360 328 Desert Temple: 824 -200

Dwelling on the Coral Reef Coast

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Seed: 4600964994019861398

This can be a breathtaking instance of the colour and livelihood a Coral Reef can add to your Minecraft dwelling. You spawn in a Mangrove Swamp (what higher strategy to begin a 1.19 map!) and are solely a pair hundred blocks away from the closest Coral Reef. You do not even want to depart the Mangrove Swamp you spawn in to see the Reef’s intensive attain into the ocean. Take a look at a number of the useful constructions littered across the spawn space, particularly the homely coastal Village!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Coastal Village: -320 32 Coastal Village: -376 -232
Desert Temple: 104 -168 Village/Temple: 680 -488
Village: -288 -400 Desert Temple: 216 -344
Village: 244 144 Desert Temple: -440 -504
Massive Coral Reef: -680 -330 Shipwreck: 120 408

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The Reeft Between Worlds

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Seed: 11000042

As you may see from the picture, this seed spawns you close to a Reef that spreads throughout a Heat Ocean biome close to a large Mangrove Swamp and a Mushroom Island. This can be a uncommon incidence in world era, so it’s a excellent world to start out with if you wish to recognize the very best that 1.19 affords with out giving up the very best of earlier updates. You additionally spawn subsequent to a Badlands biome and there are a number of Shipwrecks within the Coral Reef simply ready to be looted!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Mangrove Swamp: 150 292 Mangrove Swamp: 150 292
Mushroom Island: -600 75 Mushroom Island: -600 75
Shipwreck: 8 -184 Village: 312 88
Shipwreck: -232 248 Village: 280 -184
Shipwreck: -472 216 Desert Temple: 376 264

Greatest Minecraft 1.18 Coral Reef Seeds

Coralush Cave

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Seed: 599282705

This seed spawns you subsequent to a wonderful little oasis with Coral Reef within the water and multiple-story Lush Caves within the cliffs on the perimeters. The fantastic thing about this spawn makes it purpose sufficient to make it your major survival world, however gamers who need some further Coral Reef might be happy to know that there’s a large chunk of it inside 200 blocks of spawn. Simply head west (-X) to get there!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Coralush Cave: North of spawn (-Y) Coralush Cave: North of spawn (-Y)
Coral Biome: -184 -22 Coral Biome: -184 -22
Nether Portal: 152 232 Shipwreck: -280 -88
Village: 96 832 Desert Temple: -504 680
Desert Temple: 312 632 Outpost: -856 408

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