In our Finest Minecraft Desert Seeds record, we offer a number of the most excellent Desert Seeds you could find. Whether or not it’s as a result of they supply all assets on the spawn, some form of distinctive construction, or another function, you will wish to give these seeds a strive. Followers of the simply navigable and dry environment within the sport will wish to make their new residence on a seed listed beneath!

Finest Minecraft 1.19 Desert Seeds

Fortunate Desert

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Seed: 2507628392160469020

A fortunate seed with nice areas proper subsequent to your spawn. There’s villages subsequent to temples, Jungle Temples, and chests stuffed with loot with quick entry. This could even be a incredible speedrun map, or only a nice begin to your Minecraft sport!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Ruined portal at spawn: 0, 17 Temple + Village: -300, 159
Buried ruined portal: -282, 84 Ruined Portal: -475, 0
Village: 14, 248 Desert Temple: -840, 164
Village: -244, 137 Jungle Temple: -970, 513

Desert Reef

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Seed: -3373198683487676029

Though the position is totally different in every model, this seed has the identical thrilling options in each Java and Bedrock! You spawn on a desert that encompasses a Coral Reef ocean. Littered across the rim of the huge Coral Reef are a number of villages which have the right view of the Reef and easy accessibility to a number of Desert Temples and spoils therein!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Reef Village: -208 48 Reef Village: -792 -392
Reef Village: -320 708 Reef Village: -440 696
Desert Temple: 168 88 Desert Temple: 40 184
Desert Temple: 280 -312 Village: 232 168
Outpost: 320 112 Desert Temple: 312 -184

The Desert Journey

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Seed: 6000222

Each the Java and Bedrock variations of this seed spawn you on the alternative finish of an arid desert containing a Stronghold. Though the strongholds spawn in numerous areas, this massive desert biome is ideal for gamers who wish to have an entire Minecraft journey with out stepping foot off sand or mesa blocks. Every model has its personal particular options at spawn that make it enjoyable!

Key Java Places Key Bedrock Places
Outpost: 0 -160 Village: 216 -312
Desert Temple: 104 -248 Village: 216 40
Desert Temple: 8 24 Desert Village/Temple: 664 -344
Village: 304 -256 Outpost/Village/Temple: 1830 580
Stronghold: 2500 164 Stronghold: 1460 1220

Historical Desert Metropolis

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Seed: 6000015

While you spawn on this world, you could have on the spot entry to the 2 most underappreciated biomes: Deserts and Badlands. Whereas they might have an arid environment, this seed proves that they’ve a number of the most lovely scenic landscapes you could find within the sport. This desert spans over 2,000 blocks tall and and nearly 9,000 blocks vast! There are ample Desert Temples and Desert Villages close to spawn. While you’re prepared, make a 3,000 block lengthy trek to some Wooded Badlands to discover a cluster of Historical Cities!

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Desert Temple: 40 8 Desert Temple: 264 104
Village: -240 192 Desert Temple: 184 -472
Outpost: -432 144 Desert Temple: -136 -296
Desert Temple: -208 -240 Desert Village: -232 88
Shipwreck: -344 -328 Historical Metropolis: -2856 -632

Desert Rivers

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Seed: 6245064415419240492

That is the right seed to start out the Minecraft 1.19 Wilds Replace, particularly if you’re keen on deserts. You begin the world in a ten,000 block vast arid local weather combination of Badlands and Desert biomes. A pair hundred blocks away from spawn Mangrove Swamp biome, which is likely one of the biomes added in The Wilds replace. What actually sells this seed is the sheer variety of Desert Temples and Villages close to the spawn (or Outposts, if you happen to’re on Java). Inside 1,000 blocks of spawn, you will discover at the least 5 Temples and 7 Villages, with dozens extra inside the first 5,000 blocks.

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Desert Temple: 168 8 Village: 184 344
Shipwreck: 136 88 Desert Temple: 520 -360
Outpost: -192 128 Historical Metropolis: 1672 904
Village/Desert Temple: -192 -720 Shipwreck: -72 40
Outpost: 544 -496 Desert Temple: 232 888

The Desert Starter Seed

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Seed: 45543

Should you look carefully on the picture above, you will see most what this seed provides as quickly as you begin the sport. In it, you possibly can see the spawn level (close to the ocean on the highest edge), two Desert Villages (together with one which has generated on a Desert hill), two Desert Temples (one being largely hidden underground), and a jaw-dropping multi-tiered mud-covered windswept savannah tower. There’s additionally a big Mangrove swamp in the course of the Desert, and most significantly: a Stronghold solely 400 blocks from spawn!

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Desert Village: -1008 -432 Desert Village: -920 72
Desert Temple: -1208 -264 Desert Temple: -1256 -328
Desert Village: -1424 0 Desert Village: -1512 104
Desert Temple: -1224 152 Desert Temple: -1336 264
Mangrove Swamp: -1135 -90 Mangrove Swamp: -1135 -90

Huge Desert, Little Mangrove

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Seed: 1125899970844347

You spawn subsequent to a number of giant lakes in an infinite desert on this seed. The desert is 3,000 blocks tall an and 5,000 blocks vast, making it one of many greatest deserts we have seen. It stretches to this point that the desert by which you spawn additionally incorporates two Strongholds! The desert incorporates many different buildings, and you will find nearly each different overworld construction and a sizeable Mangrove Swamp inside a pair thousand blocks from spawn!

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Mangrove Swamp: -2500 -750 Mangrove Swamp: -2500 -750
Desert Village: -228 -208 Desert Temple: 248 -280
Desert Temple: 8 8 Desert Temple: -296 -328
Desert Temple: 120 -376 Desert Village: 104 -392
Desert Temple: -440 -232 Desert Village: -328 -248

Clusters of Constructions

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Seed: 2814749802107550

Most of our desert seeds not often make it to the working of our greatest seeds, however this 1.19 Desert seeds units itself far forward of the others. It really works as not solely a desert seed, however as a terrific seed for speedruns and hardcore video games. You begin on the sting of a Desert and subsequent to a Jungle. No matter path you stroll, you can see clusters of various buildings inside a pair thousand blocks. This additionally signifies that there nearly each biome is accessible to you inside the identical distance. You can find biomes with all of the climates (chilly, scorching, moist, and dry) and buildings that slot in each (Igloos, Villages, Temples, Monuments, Historical Cities, and extra). The one construction that does not have a cluster is the Woodland Mansion, however there are nonetheless at the least of them inside 5,000 blocks!

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Jungle Temples: -550 750 Jungle Temples: -1200 -150
Desert Temples: 500 -500 Desert Temple: 550 -100
Historical Cities: 3250 -100 Historical Cities: 3250 -100
Ocean Monuments: 400 -2100 Ocean Monuments: 600 -2700
Mansion: 696 1960 Stronghold: -844 932

Floating Desert Islands

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Seed: 3437382675851646460

Bedrock Seed: -7937693632417136982

Desert Islands besides within the sky! Miles of mesas! These are some abandoned barren wastelands, excellent for a seemingly post-apocalyptic type of play. What’s extra, there’s loads of village areas shut so you are not simply stranded with no assist. And digging down in fact reveals extra thrilling options and supplies.

Java Key Places Bedrock Key Places
Village: 152, -354 Village: -246, -437
Badlands: -318, -773 Ruined Portal: -307, -900
Temple: 1009, -747 Village 2: -345, -1064
Ruined portal: -0, -493 Buried Portal: 324. 283

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