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Our Minecraft Village Seeds put up consists of some nice world choices with close by villages which you can start your subsequent world on! These are for each Bedrock and Java, so you must be capable to discover one thing you want on any platform. Villages could make your sport lots simpler by supplying you with a spot to start out out and commerce!

Finest Minecraft 1.19 Java Village Seeds

Strategic Village Planning

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Seed: 5638231396176697285

There are many issues to like about this seed, however the very best factor about it’s the clusters of villages that kind round spawn and different uncommon constructions. Proper while you load the world, you will discover 4 Villages inside a pair hundred blocks of a Mansion and the spawn. You may additionally discover three villages guarding a Stronghold not far-off. As you department out, you will discover dozens of biomes, extra villages, and a plethora of different uncommon difficult constructions inside 2,000 blocks of spawn!

  • Key Areas
    • Village: 224 -160
    • Village: -144 -448
    • Village: 352 192
    • Village: 592 192
    • Mansion: -424 -1000
    • 3 Villages round Stronghold: -1248 2192

Village Bonanza

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Seed: -4043078723174909697

In case your thought of the right village seed is one which has dozens of villages inside a day’s stroll from spawn—you have discovered it. On this seed, you will discover over 20 Villages lower than 2,000 blocks out of your beginning half, with the overwhelming majority of them being south of spawn (+Y). This isn’t only a seed for these of you who need villages, although. There are many Pillager Outposts standing between the villages, and you will have to watch out to not tread into their territory as you journey from city to city.

  • Key Areas
    • Village: -400 176
    • Village: 400 272
    • Village: 800 176
    • Village: 64 720
    • Pillager Outpost: 32 -496

Too Many Villages

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Seed: 1000036

Villages are so considerable within the spawn space on this seed that you just’d should make an effort to not discover one. Not solely do you spawn inside a village, you can too stroll virtually any path to seek out a minimum of 5 villages inside the first 1,500 blocks of spawn. There are a number of varieties, together with Plains, Taiga, and Forest villages. With over 25 villages lower than a Minecraft day’s stroll from spawn, that is the very best seed for gamers who’re searching for as many villages as attainable!

  • Key Areas
    • Village: 16 0
    • Village: 224 688
    • Village: 688 544
    • Village: -528 -960
    • Village: -368 -400

Previous Cities and New Villages

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Seed: -6367239042471136353

If you’re searching for entry to villages as quickly as you begin the world, you want look no additional than this seed. There are a minimum of 15 villages obtainable to you inside 1,500 blocks of spawn, which suggests ample assets and loads of secure havens to guard you from the tough Minecraft world. After getting visited all of the villages and also you’re correctly ready, you’ll be able to shield them from the evil within the 5 Historic Cities and 4 Pillager Outposts which might be additionally inside 1,500 blocks of spawn!

  • Key Areas
    • Village: 112 64
    • Village: 304 -144
    • Village: -752 -176
    • Village: -464 48
    • Village: -272 -416

The Desert Temple Village and Outpost Battle

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Seed: 19000503

On this seed, you start your journey in the course of a Desert village. Inside a 750 block radius, you will see 5 different Desert Villages, two Desert Outposts, and 4 Desert Temples. This excessive variety of constructions and civilizations means that there could also be some intense land battle between the opposing sides, all of them ripe with assets. Additionally, you will discover a Mangrove Swamp solely a pair hundred blocks from spawn, which provides you the right alternative to discover the The Wilds 1.19 replace!

  • Key Areas
    • Spawn Village: 0 0
    • Village: 48 -400
    • Village: -512 -288
    • Village: -736 48
    • Village: -320 208
    • Outpost: -144 176
    • Outpost: 32 256
    • Desert Temple: 248 -840
    • Desert Temple: -296 -408
    • Desert Temple: 216 -216
    • Desert Temple: 120 120
    • Desert Temple: -696 -184

Excellent growth

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Seed: -1651158988382519374

The title actually says all of it. It is a excellent probability to broaden, develop, and be part of villages right into a mega venture. There’s vast open areas between them, and plenty of assets. Plus, with no pillagers or different massive threats close by, that is only a excellent probability to make a large village.

  • Key Areas
    • Village: 55, 257
    • Village 2: -519, 758
    • Ruined Portal: -270, 883
    • Village 3: 226, 904
    • Village 4: 649, 705
    • Village 5: 720, 314

Snow Capped Village

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Seed: -8032021507482072223

A snow-covered village on the high of a mountain proper by your spawn! That is nice if you wish to begin your Minecraft journey within the mountains, and actually units you as much as survive. Be careful for the preliminary spawn although! You can die within the powdered snow earlier than you have even began…

  • Key Areas
    • Village: 274, 15
    • Ruined portal: 86, 235
    • Shipwreck: 115, 689
    • Pillager tower + Ruined portal: 821, 193

Finest Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Village Seeds

Coral Desert Villages

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Seed: -3373198683487676029

Desert seeds are not often talked about in high seed lists, however this one simply made the lower. You spawn subsequent to a village going through out into an unlimited heat ocean with sprawling Coral Reefs. Inside 1,000 blocks of spawn are a number of extra villages, together with one other seashore village with a naturally-occurring bridge between a desert river and a Coral Reef.

  • Key Areas
    • Reef Village: -208 48
    • Reef Village: -320 708
    • Desert Temple: 168 88
    • Desert Temple: 280 -312
    • Outpost: 320 112

Path of Villages

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Seed: 1015849951

There are few issues extra mesmerizing in Minecraft than a windswept village. This seed not solely has an interesting windswept village—it is also solely a pair dozen blocks away from spawn! When the novelty of the village has worn off and also you’re able to discover, you’ll be able to proceed heading south (optimistic Y) to seek out 4 extra villages all in a straight path. Three of those villages are subsequent to Desert Temples, so there are many assets and uncommon objects obtainable!

  • Key Areas
    • Windswept Village: 152 88
    • Village: 104 680
    • Village/Temple: 248 1192
    • Village/Temple: 72 1784
    • Village/Temple: 216 2360

The Mountain Lair

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Seed: 1090899386

That is really a gorgeous seed with loads of constructions and wondrous views obtainable to you proper at the beginning! Maybe one of the engaging elements about this world is that you just spawn close to a peculiar cluster of buildings. A villainous Pillager Outpost stands on the fringes of two Villages and one in every of these villages sits on high of a hollowed-out mountain. While you’re prepared, you’ll be able to go a pair thousand blocks East or West (+/- Z) to seek out dozens of Villages littered all through the countryside!

  • Key Areas
    • Mountain Village: 280 296
    • Pillager Outpost: 424 520
    • Village: 328 584
    • Ocean Monument: -328 -488
    • Shipwreck: 152 -232
    • Shipwreck: -152 -200

Desert Village Tower

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Seed: -9036966008009856678

We selected this seed as one in every of our greatest Village seeds due to how extremely distinctive and interesting the village is close to spawn. Only a couple dozen blocks away is likely one of the impossible Village formations we have seen—it generated on a multi-tiered desert pillar and every home has its personal platform. This map suits as an ideal setting for an Journey-mode story or perhaps a quaint setting on your Survival world. There’s additionally an Oceam Monument about 100 blocks from spawn!

  • Key Areas
    • Desert Village Tower: -168 -312
    • Ocean Monument: -120 152
    • Shipwreck: 56 -232
    • Desert Temple: 344 -760
    • Buried Treasure: 72 -120

The Villages on Meadow Mountain

Screenshot by Professional Recreation Guides

Seed: 2595113116242317821

You do not spawn subsequent to a village on this seed, however the great thing about the three closest villages makes the quick stroll to them effectively definitely worth the journey. There are three villages inside a couple of hundred blocks of spawn which might be on the outskirts of a large ring of Meadow Mountains. Every village has its personal subject of flowers and gives the serene feeling everybody needs to expertise in an informal Minecraft world. While you’re prepared, you’ll be able to transfer to the valley within the ring of mountains and construct your individual village within the Flower Plains biome you discover there!

  • Key Areas
    • Flower Village: -392 -344
    • Flower Village: -856 -488
    • Flower Village: 40 -792
    • Historic Metropolis: -280 -584
    • Historic Metropolis: -616 -216

Mangrove Swamp Village Mishap

Screenshot by Professional Recreation Guides

Code: 67561815575817929

That is the right village seed to make use of when initially exploring the overworld within the Minecraft 1.19 The Wilds replace. Gamers begin in a village proper on the sting of the brand new biomes, the Mangrove Swamp. Nevertheless, the village additionally features a potential glitch on the earth era for the brand new replace: one of many homes is break up in half and changed by a damaged Nether Portal. We’re undecided if this was a villager’s experiment gone mistaken or another happenstance. Regardless, it is nonetheless an superior factor to see!

  • Key Areas
    • Village and Nether Portal: 42 13
    • Village: 256 -456
    • Buried Chest: 8 -232
    • Buried Chest: 136 264
    • Jungle Temple: -136 792

Valley of 4 Villages

Seed: 8547346340717258090

A sprawling valley that acts as a cradle of life for 4 expansive villages. You’ll be able to select to construct up the person villages or broaden them right into a sprawling city. It is a lovely location and an unbelievable spot for metropolis constructing!

  • Key Areas
  • Village 1: 71, 1272
  • Village 2: -233 1318
  • Village 3: -328, 1695
  • Village 4: 16, 1782



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