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In Starfield’s Surgical Strike quest, you’ll be directed to an abandoned asteroid mine near planet Bonner of the Sakharov star system. After docking your ship and boarding the mine site, you’ll encounter a variety of puzzles and traps on your way inside. Here’s how to deal with them.

All ‘Investigate the Abandoned Asteroid Mine’ Solutions – Surgical Strike Starfield

Before entering the actual mining area, you’ll encounter a Secure Access door. Don’t touch the broken switch next to it or you’ll be electrocuted and lose your health. Inside the mine, there will be several Shardhoppers (creatures) and sentry robots that you’ll have to deal with using your weapons. Besides these hurdles, there will also be some locked doors to unlock.

Which Wall to Cut in Investigate the Abandoned Mine – Starfield

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The first locked door you’ll encounter will be this Emergency Cuttable Wall I’ve shown in the picture above. To open this door, equip the Cutter from your weapons inventory and fire it at the four joints in the corners as I did. The wall will fall over opening up a path further inside the asteroid mine.

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How to unlock Secure Access Door in Abandoned Asteroid Mine – Starfield

After fighting a few robots and Shardhoppers, and traveling down an elevator shaft, you’ll come across another Secure Access door. Follow the wire connected to the door, up the ramp, and into the control room. Defeat the robot dog and interact with the Remote Security Door Computer.

To gain access to the computer, you’ll have to unlock it using a Digipick. For the lockpicking solution, refer to the images above. Once the computer is unlocked, just select the Open Door option and the Secure Access door will open.

Further down the mine, you’ll encounter more sentries and obstructions like landmines, so beware. At the final stage, you’ll take an elevator to the bottom of the asteroid mine. This is where you’ll have to fight multiple robots and laser-shooting mining turrets. I suggest staying in the elevator and taking out as many threats as possible using your arsenal of weapons before going forward. My weapon of choice for a fight like this would be the Grendel, which is a common rifle.

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