Sharing games between friends is like sharing a Netflix account – it works, but no one knows how long it will be possible. That’s the case with Diablo 4 early access, where many friends ask me if game-sharing Diablo 4 is possible. While sharing the game during the beta period was doable, is that the case with Diablo 4 early access?

Does game sharing Diablo IV work?

Unfortunately, game sharing Diablo 4 early access version is not possible. Although, it’s not for lack of trying. Many players unsuccessfully tried to find a way but just caused even more damage, as some reported losing characters. Most users are getting the invalid license error when trying.

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Even though some users claim it worked for the beta, apparently, it doesn’t work for the final release. It seems that everything is tied to the Battle.net account, which makes game-sharing Diablo 4 impossible. Players did get some explanation from the community manager on the Blizzard forum:

“Users who purchase a Deluxe/Ultimate Edition on an account should use that same account to host couch co-op sessions during the Early Access period. This ensures the guest player can join and participate in co-op.

Accounts that weren’t the original purchaser of Deluxe/Ultimate Edition of the game on that console will not be able to play in Early Access unless they join as a second player with the account that made the original purchase.”

There is always hope that Blizzard will change this rule for the official Diablo 4 launch date. For now, there is almost no chance you can share your game with friends on another PlayStation.

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