Nothing is worse when you try to log into a mmo you want to play, such as Runescape, only to encounter issues. Everyone, including myself, has experienced server issues—So here’s a guide we made to help you check if Old School Runescape is down.

How to check Old School Runescape server status

Checking if Old School Runescape is down is relatively straightforward. Before checking third-party sites, the best place to start is to check the official server maintenance page. Doing so can inform you if any upcoming maintenance is happening with the servers for Old School Runescape. Beyond the maintenance page, we recommend checking the official Twitter account for Old School Runescape. Checking social media is a great idea, as developers will usually make official announcements when serious issues affect their games. But If you do not see any reported maintenance or official statements via Twitter—you must move to third-party sites to verify server status. 

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The best third-party site to check if Old School Runescape is down is Down Detector. Down Detector is a third-party website that tracks the status of servers for many services, such as games and streaming apps. Check the site while scrolling to the bottom of the page to see if users are reporting any issues on Down Detector. If any issues are reported, your best bet is to sit them out, as it will take time for the developers to sort them.  

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