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If you played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s prequel, then you might wondering if Cal’s signature poncho is obtainable in the game. Well, as you see in the image above, it is, but getting it is quite a challenge depending on the difficulty you’re playing on. Still, if you’re up for it task, here’s how you can get your very own poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Jedi Survivor poncho – How to get

Believe it or not, the poncho customizable item is actually located on the second planet you get to, Koboh. Specifically, you need to head to Fort Kah’lin, Koboh, where one of the best farming spots in the game is located.

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Head deep into the fort and look for a hook point for your grapple near the Meditation Point in the center. Grapple up to the upper level, and follow it around, destroying the droids that attack you along the way.

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Keep following it around until you reach a huge pad with a large number of battle droids standing over it. Destroy the droids, but do not stand on the center of the pad until you do. This is because the moment you’re in the center, the two raiders watching you on the cliff above will open the pad, causing to you fall into the room inside. Once you’ve destroyed the droids, intentionally spring their trap.

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In the trap room, you’ll encounter one of the game’s Legendary bosses: the Spawn of Oggdo. You must kill the Spawn of Oggdo in order to get the poncho. As a Legendary boss, he is quite difficult on any difficulty above Jedi Knight. I managed to kill it on Jedi Grand Master, and I can tell you it was no easy feat. You’ll need to carefully study the beast’s moves and patterns if you hope to overcome it. If you manage to kill the beast, head to the back of its cave. A special chest will be waiting for you, and in it, the poncho you so desire. You’re welcome.

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