IXION is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series in 2025

Publisher Kasedo Games and developer Bulwark Games to release a space city builder IXION for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in 2025, the companies announced.

IXION First released for PC via Steam, Epic Games Storeand Government of Georgia December 7, 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Kasedo Games:


With Earth on the brink of ecosystemic collapse, DOLOS AEC leads the effort to find a new home for the human race. Whether by chance or fate, your prototype space station, the Tiqqun, finds itself adrift, a disintegrating ark in which the remnants of humanity must find refuge – and you, Administrator, are in charge.

IXION is a city-building game that requires you to stay alert, constantly assess and reassess, learn and adapt. If you and your crew are to survive, you must brave the dangers of space, while uncovering its secrets and extracting its resources. However, danger will come from both within and without; you will need to establish, maintain and develop Tiqqun’s infrastructure while managing the station’s population, deciding how best to respond to their pleas to maintain their trust in you and the mission.

There are no simple solutions; your actions will have repercussions, now or in the future. How you deal with those repercussions will make the difference between survival and extinction.

Main Features

  • In DOLOS we trust – A population to manage, survivors to find, cryopods to recover… Maintain your crew’s trust in the corporation that started this adventure or face failure and mutiny. Six sectors can be unlocked within the station, each of which can accommodate more population, support new jobs, and provide the opportunity to monitor the crew with the data-listening system. Will you bring hope to the people?
  • Decisions in the dark – Who said DOLOS was the only faction to escape the fate of Earth? Face off against other groups of survivors, overcome the failures and shipwrecks of others… IXION will guide the player through exciting chapters of the story, where new threats and opportunities will be presented, all with the aim of helping him reach the final destination, a new home.
  • Border Academy – DOLOS are renowned for their innovative technology and scientists, but Tiqqun is now isolated. Find all the resources you can, research what you don’t have. Find new ways to supply your settlement, build new buildings to create what is needed. Modify the Tiqqun station, upgrade it, advance this odyssey.
  • Occupational hazards – Space is a dangerous place. Hull breaches, power surges, electrical fires… It’s up to you to manage these risks, deal with emergencies, create backup power solutions, and enable extravehicular activity…
  • Stellar exploration – There are brand new star maps to explore. Send out probes to reveal what is hidden, create mining and cargo ships to find resources, commission scientific expeditions to uncover the secrets and threats you will encounter in space. Find other survivors and bring them into the fold of your mission, goal: survive.

Check out a new trailer below.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Reveal Trailer

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