JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular shonen action series that follows the fabled Joestar family and their adventures across the decades, from Victorian England in Phantom Blood to modern-day Florida in Stone Ocean. Each story arc has its own Joestar hero, and they each have a totally different personality than the others.

The Stardust Crusaders story features the grouchy antihero Kujo Jotaro, arguably the most iconic character of the entire JoJo’s series. He was on a quest to save his mother’s life from the cruel grip of DIO, and it wasn’t just his Stand, Star Platinum, that made him so compelling. It’s also his remarkable personality and his worldview that drew in the fans. What’s his MBTI type?

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Kujo Jotaro is an ISTP, meaning he is Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving, making him a Virtuoso. These people are quiet on the outside but colorful on the inside, being naturally curious and creative individuals who like to live by their own rules while living the adventure called life. Virtuosos like to get their hands dirty and directly experience the world around them, and trial and error, experimentation, careful observation and rational thinking dominate their lifestyle.

These people don’t get too caught up in hypotheticals or theories — they live in the here and now, and while they can be friendly, they also tend to keep to themselves and don’t open up too easily. In anime terms, a Virtuoso is likely to be a creative kuudere type — a cool and aloof character who only rarely shows affection for someone.

There’s a lot to like about ISTP Virtuosos, such as their laid-back personalities and their ability to adapt to whatever comes. These people don’t typically plan too far ahead, unlike the calculating and theory-oriented Architect type, and Virtuosos tend to be fairly optimistic and confident too, especially when pursuing a project they love. ISTPs are creative and practical people, both in their minds and with their hands, and they can find a clever solution to any problem or challenge on the fly.

Thus, they tend to think on their feet and use anything and everything around them to get the job done. They may surprise their friends as much as their enemies, and they tend to be good in a crisis as well. Rarely do Virtuosos panic or lose hope, since they are creative and flexible people who don’t feel lost if some carefully-crafted plan falls apart.

On the downside, ISTPs tend to be fairly stubborn and stuck in their ways, since they don’t like playing by the rules and aren’t the most empathetic or people-oriented. That, combined with their introverted nature, can make ISTPs difficult to befriend or even understand, and a typical ISTP won’t mind if their social circle remains small. They are also rather averse to long-term commitment and planning since they’re “live in the moment” people. This could affect their career or education in negative ways.

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Little is seen of Kujo Jotaro’s professional life or his career in high school or college, and he is rarely seen hanging out with friends either, so his nature as an ISTP isn’t easy to gauge in most contexts. Then again, his nature as a creative Virtuoso is much clearer during the events of Stardust Crusaders and beyond, and he lives up to his grandfather Joseph’s reputation for being a resourceful and brilliant troublemaker.

Jotaro is highly introverted, rarely expressing himself personally or showing emotions aside from irritation or anger, and he tends to let his actions do the talking. He is determined to save his mother’s life, but he won’t actually admit that; instead, he claimed that he defeated DIO simply because the latter irritated him. This is classic tsundere behavior, which is compatible with the Virtuoso personality type, along with kuudere behavior.

Jotaro has only a small circle of friends, and he doesn’t like to play by others’ rules either. He only reluctantly follows his grandfather’s lead during the quest to slay DIO, and he often takes command of fights and demands that his allies fight on his own terms. Jotaro isn’t much of a team player, and this was evident when he cheated to defeat Terrence D’Arby at a video game to free Kakyoin’s soul from the Atum Stand.

Jotaro is quite the Virtuoso in most Stand battles in Stardust Crusaders, being a quick-thinking and resourceful fighter who can use anything and everything to win, including surprises from his Stand, Star Platinum. He is highly observant and can easily improvise solutions on the fly, including bluffing his way to victory against Daniel J. D’Arby or cheating against Terrence. He even used textbooks to save his own life against DIO’s knife attacks.

Notably, Jotaro never formed any long-term plans to find or defeat DIO — he simply took his adventure one step at a time, dealing with challenges as they came with an open and flexible mind. That is the true mark of an ISTP anime hero.

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