Kindred Vale announced for PC: a cozy life simulation game set in the mystical Austrian Alps

stillalive studios, the developer behind Garden Life: a cozy simulatorhas announced kindred valley, a cozy life simulation game set in the mystical Austrian Alps. It will be released in early access for PC via Steam in 2025, with a Boot campaign It is scheduled to launch in September. Pre-registration for the campaign is now available.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


kindred valley is a charming life simulation game set in the mystical Austrian Alps, filled with the spirits of regional folklore not found in other games. You have the power to see them all. Help the spiritual community prosper again and use its magic: fly with Harpien, dive with Nixen, run through the meadows with Zlatorog. Combine foraging, farming, and crafting with heartfelt relationships and a community rich in stories. Embark on a serene journey to bring harmony to the worlds of humans and mountain spirits, transforming Kindred Vale once again into a haven of peace and beauty.

Key Features

  • Uniting the two worlds – The spirits and humans of Kindred Vale lived in harmony for many years before a tragic rift occurred between them. Since then, more and more city dwellers have immersed themselves in the magical mists that folklore creatures use to protect their home. This division has led people to lose contact with spirits. Only you can continue to see them all, interact and communicate with them. You have the opportunity to repair old wounds and rebuild trust that has been lost. It’s up to you to bring the two communities back together.
  • Meeting with the spirits – Kindred Vale is filled with spirits inspired by the folklore of our home in the Austrian Alps. Wolpertinger, Perchten, Tatzelwurm and many more are part of life in Kindred Vale and always have been. By interacting with the spirits and exploring their needs, you will be able to befriend them and rebuild their trust in humanity, as well as unlock strange and wondrous abilities that only you can harness.
  • Use the magical gifts of the spirits – Each spirit has a unique gift that allows you to explore Kindred Vale like never before. After making friends with them, fly to the tops of the Alps with the Harpyien, dive into the depths of the lake with the Nixen, venture to the hidden places of the forest with the Wolpertinger or speed across the grasslands with the legendary Zlatarog. Use these gifts to help restore Kindred Vale to the peaceful and harmonious place it once was.
  • Meet the people of the town – Kindred Vale features a diverse community of inhabitants. Like Spirits, they have their own unique personalities, likes and dislikes. Each brings a different story and perspective to the city, which will be added to as we bring more and more updates to the game. Who you make friends with is completely up to you. Among them, you may even find that special someone who makes your heart race, and the relationships add even more depth to each character.
  • Forage, cook, create and decoratekindred valley Reimagine the cozy classic games! Once you’ve settled into town, you’ll be able to hunt and fish for ingredients to cook with, craft furniture to decorate your home, and give a variety of gifts to your neighbors. Unlock and discover more recipes through your interactions, explore the surrounding areas to find pieces of Kindred Vale’s long history, and bring them back to celebrate at the local museum.
  • Discover the secrets of the valley – Kindred Vale is truly unique: nestled in the heart of vast mountains, lush grasslands, a beautiful lake, and a mysterious forest. And in the city, each district has plenty to offer; its own unique look and feel. Explore at your own pace and enjoy the incredible sights and landscapes the area has to offer.

But there’s more to Kindred Vale than meets the eye. The protective fogs that cover much of the city hold secrets that many do not know and that some do not talk about. By working with people and spirits to unify the city, you will be able to discover the truth of what happened many years ago, mend the rift between the two communities, and maybe even learn something about yourself along the way…

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announce trailer

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