Warning: This article contains spoilers for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, streaming now on Netflix.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre brings Leatherface to the 21st century in a way that has never been done. But in the process of redefining the character, he also gets exposed to the modern culture of the younger generation. While the scene results in the film’s most cringe-worthy moment, it also explores how much Leatherface cares for modern social media tropes as he officially slays cancel culture with each swipe of his chainsaw.

The film continues the story 50 years after the original, with Leatherface returning to his animalistic side after his quiet lifestyle is forcibly put to an end when many young investors plan to move in and revitalize his home and ghost town called Harlow, Texas. At first, Leatherface attacks the people snooping through the orphanage he spent his young adult life, but it isn’t long before his actions are made public in what will likely be one of the franchise’s most iconic scenes.

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After boarding a bus filled with the investors and other young adults partying, he only wants to kill Mel (Susan Yarkin), who inadvertently kick-started the massacre by evicting Leatherface’s caregiver, leading to her death. But to reach her, he has to cut his way through the bus of young adults who all have their cameras trained on him, live-streaming. The scene itself had the potential to be satirical, but all chances for subtle humor are dashed when one man says, “Try anything and you’re canceled, bro.” At that moment, Leatherface revs his chainsaw and proceeds to kill the bus passengers in a gruesome fashion.

Intercut between the mayhem, comments from viewers showcase the skepticism of some social media users as they make comments like “How much did you pay for this guy?,” “I’ve been to more intense haunted houses before” and “THAT LOOKS SO FAKE.” The cuts between the camera view and the film itself offer some light humor amidst the massacre and speak to the idea that cancel culture is only as powerful as the internet makes it. In reality, the real dangers still exist in reality, which, in this case, is represented through Leatherface.

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The scene is another example of how modern horror films have tried to meld real-world social media tropes into their movies to obnoxious results. Sadly, the scene had the chance to cut out any obnoxious moments had it focused more on not bringing attention to the cameras and instead how people instinctually go for their cameras before calling the police. But bringing attention to cancel culture undercuts the comedic impact and makes it equally obnoxious and cringe-worthy.

While the beginning of the scene doesn’t hit as well as the following massacre, it does show how horror will often use real-life tropes to add more realism to its film. Unfortunately, while some succeed, others tend to fall flat. But even though the scene doesn’t hit its mark, Leatherface’s response helps add some dark humor to the moment by showing how much he cares about social media.

To see Leatherface slice up cancel culture, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is streaming now on Netflix.

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