Bandai Namco revealed todayOn the sixth anniversary of the release of Little Nightmares, the domestic series achieved an impressive feat, with more than 12 million units sold across its various games. The Little Nightmares series has captivated gamers all over the world with its dark and eerie stories and haunting gameplay.

The franchise began with the original Little Nightmares, released in 2017, developed by Tarsier Studios and produced by Bandai Namco Europe. The game introduced players to the character Six, as they tried to escape from the Maw, a fearsome underwater ship filled with hideous inhabitants.

The sequel Little Nightmares II, released in 2021, continued the spine-tingling saga with a new protagonist, Mono, a young boy with a paper bag on his head. Mono encounters the girl in the yellow raincoat, and puts them both on a journey to explore various locations in Bali, a place that is quirky due to the buzzing transmissions emanating from the signal tower.

The franchise was also expanded to the mobile gaming platform with Very Little Nightmares, released in 2019. Developed by Alike Studio, this game challenged players to escape the Nest while revealing more of Six’s backstory.

Arno Müller, CEO of Bandai Namco Europe, expressed his pride in the franchise’s growth and success, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of Bandai Namco Europe, Tarsier Studios, Engine Software and Phenomenal Games to create engaging games while expanding the franchise across various media.

Lucas Roussel, Publishing Director and Executive Producer of Little Nightmares at Bandai Namco Europe, also expressed his appreciation for the growing community. He noted that while the team believed Little Nightmares had something special from the start, they were still amazed at the fan commitment to the franchise. Russell expressed his gratitude for the dedicated fanbase and confirmed that work is ongoing to determine what the future holds for the franchise.

The Little Nightmares series invites players to confront their childhood fears in a dark and eerie story. The first part, Little Nightmares, follows the character Six as they attempt to escape the Maw, a massive ship inhabited by corrupted spirits looking for their next meal. Little Nightmares II, a suspense adventure game, depicts Mono, a young boy trapped in a world warped by an evil transmission. Mono, along with his new friend Six, embarks on a quest to uncover the source of the mysterious transmission.

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