LiveWire has announced The Ninth Guardian Sisters, a roguelike action game with roguelike elements. It will launch first in Early Access for PC via steam. A release date has not been announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Steam page:


In the distant past, an unknown meteorite collided with Earth. The meteorite remained dormant deep in the Earth’s layers, silently waiting to wake up.

Ten thousand years later, when humanity built a civilization, changes began to occur inside the meteorite. Countless alien creatures known as “Bleed” emerged from the meteorite, rapidly devouring and swallowing the stars. It was revealed that the meteorite was actually the eggs of extraterrestrial life forms.

The surface of the Earth was devastated, leading to the collapse of nations and the defeat of humanity. The remaining survivors were forced to seek refuge in flexible underground shelters. These shelters, called Arks, became humanity’s last bastions.

To reclaim Earth, humanity pools its knowledge and resources, developing two combat weapons specifically designed to combat the Bleeding threat. One was the manned weapon called the “Father”. The other was a combat clone trooper, taking the form of a young girl leading the ‘father’.

The protagonist of this game is a group of clone girls. They live on abandoned forward bases, endure their lives and venture out into battle.


The Ninth Guardian Sisters It is a casual sci-fi horror game with roguelike elements.

Customize your build with 16 different weapons and 34 power-ups! Enjoy the experience of using different weapons to eliminate hordes of aliens.

Decide your strategic path. Will you take on formidable enemies or will you take a moment to strengthen your weapon? Assess the situation and strive for victory!

Each stage offers simple tasks that can be enjoyed in short bursts of focused play.

Choose your hero and enjoy different strategies.

Key Features

  • Unofficial roguelike game.
  • Side-scrolling dual stick shooting.
  • Fight girls in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by aliens.
  • 16 types of weapons.
  • 34pcs reinforcement.
  • Three heroes.
  • Full controller support.

Watch the trailer for the ad below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

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