In this week’s episode of Game Informer Show, The staff broke our Lords of the Fallen review and subsequently slammed the publisher for naming video game sequels to the original game like “Lords of the Fallen 2” instead of “Lords of the Fallen 2.” Then, Alex talks about why the action puzzler Cocoon makes player feedback, and then we dive into the annals of our 2023 gaming backlog, highlighting the releases we’d like to revisit or play first. Game Informers Game of the year debates in December.

Finally, our Questions from listeners The segment returns, discussing treating carpal tunnel and “What happened to the promised 120FPS console releases?” Answering specific questions like

listen Game Informers Lords of the Fallen Review Discussion:

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Game Informer Show – Podcast Timestamps:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:07:54 – The Lords of the Fallen Review

00:32:34 – Cocoon

00:38:52 – 2023 gaming backlog

01:08:49 – Housework and listener questions


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