Lost Ark, the MMORPG which just headed West a few days ago, has managed to create some amazing records in the past few days.

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While there was a lot of hype around the game, not many would have expected that it would turn out to be so popular. Considering the fact that it has managed to rival the records set by games like CS:GO and Dota 2, it speaks volumes about how popular the game has been. While playing the game, players do get stuck locating islands, so here is a guide about the same.

Lost Ark | Accolades Gameplay Trailer

Lost Ark | Accolades Gameplay Trailer

Lost Ark Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Turtle Island & Revelry Row Location

To get to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, you first need to find Pleccia on the map. You shouldn’t have a lot of trouble in finding Pleccia, as it is located just right beside the central island of the map. Once you have found Pleccia, look for an island towards the South. The island is quite small, so you will need to zoom in order to find it properly. You will see an island named Tortoyk. Simply travel to that location and you will get to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods.

Finding Turtle island is a bit trickier since it is an even smaller island on the map. This time, you need to look towards the right-hand side of the Pleccia island. You will see a number of small islands between Pleccia and Anikka, and you need to look for one towards the bottom. Once you hover over the island, you will see that it is called Turtle Island.

Lastly, for Revelry Row you need to zoom in near the North Vern area. In the bottom part of the island, just where it meets the Ethulia Sea, you will see another set of small islands. Revelry Row is the second island towards the south of North Vern, so you might need to zoom in a bit more to be able to spot it properly.

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