When Encanto hit theaters, audiences worldwide became enamored with the fantastical, magical Madrigal family. Residing in a magical casita in a native Colombian village, the Madrigals are an amazing blended family of individuals with truly incredible powers gifted to them by a magic candle that is housed within their magical fortress. While the abilities of the Madrigals range from super-strength to the ability to heal others with an arepa con queso, Disney fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between them and another superfamily in the Disney Animation universe: the Incredibles.

The Incredibles was Disney and Pixar’s 2004 hit featuring a family of superheroes with fantastic abilities forced to come out of hiding to save the very world that shunned them for so many years. Featuring a true family dynamic between a husband and wife yearning for the glory days, a moody teenager who just wants to be normal, and a younger brother desperate to stretch his legs but unable to show off his true skills for fear of being revealed as a banned super-powered individual, The Incredibles was an instant hit for Disney and Pixar. Though with Encanto‘s recent release, and centering around a similarly super-powered family, fans began to wonder just how different the Madrigals and Parrs really are — and if one family truly reigns supreme.

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The middle child of Julieta and Agustin, Luisa’s super-strength makes her instrumental to the village in Encanto. Oftentimes tasked with daily village chores that are too difficult for anyone else to complete, Luisa struggles with the expectations of those around her and her ability to live up to the image everyone expects her to be. Her strength is almost to her detriment, causing her anxiety and panic attacks when her powers start to dwindle, making her question whether or not she’s only useful because of her super-strength and nothing else.

Similarly, Mr. Incredible has to hide his superhuman strength in his daily life for fear of being outed as a super-powered being and forcing his family to relocate yet again. Once a glorified superhero, Mr. Incredible’s life has taken a drastically bleak turn after the ban of all superheroes meant he could no longer do what he was most passionate about — saving lives. From a purely strategic standpoint, both Luisa and Mr. Incredible are evenly matched in terms of actual physical ability. If they were to ever battle head to head, it would be nearly impossible to determine a victor as there’s no specific baseline for how strong either of them actually is.

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One of the most interesting characters in The Incredibles — and voiced by fan-favorite Samuel L. Jackson — is Frozone, Mr. Incredible’s best friend from the glory days of saving citizens and taking down bad guys. Frozone has the unique ability to create snow and ice by using the water in the air and atmosphere, making for a super-cool (pun intended) sidekick to Mr. Incredible’s super-strength.

Mirabel’s oldest sister, Isabella, has the ability to make flowers grow. Her gift of being able to create such beauty with just the snap of a finger makes her the ‘golden child’ of the Madrigal family, tasked with always being perfect and living up to the expectations of Abuela Alma. Later on in the film, after a heartfelt discussion with Mirabel, Isabella discovers there are truly unlimited reaches to her power, making her a force to be reckoned with.

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In addition, Tiá Pepa of the Madrigals is able to control the weather with her mood, which rivals the abilities of any one of the Parr family members. There isn’t a single character in Disney canon with the same abilities as Pepa, and although she has never used them in a combative setting, if she ever had to, Pepa could cause some serious damage.

Again, the Incredibles are actual superheroes, trained to fight enemies. Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl were both heroes in the glory days, with years of experience under the belts when it comes to fighting bad guys and saving citizens. However, while the Madrigals choose to focus their powers on benefiting their village and helping their citizens, it isn’t out of the question to say they could be a serious force to be reckoned with should they ever need to use their abilities to protect the things they love. And if that fight just happened to be against the Incredibles, the slight edge would have to go to the family of Encanto.

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