WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #89, available now from Marvel.

The Marvel Universe has a long history of Goblin menaces for its foremost wall-crawler to face, though none of them have ever been as unsettling as the Goblin Queen. On top of the quintessential high-flying glider and murderous demeanor, the Goblin Queen also possesses one of the most powerful abilities of all time. In fact, her Goblin Gaze might just make her the most lethal villain of her kind that Spider-Man has ever seen.

The Goblin Queen has been unleashed, and she has caught Mary Jane and Janine Godbe in a deadly trap. While Janine was saved from the fray by Ben Reilly, the new Spider-Man chose to leave Mary Jane to fend for herself against the latest high-flying menace. Not only is the Goblin Queen decked out with her own array of lethal weapons, she has one power of her own that no Goblin before her has ever exhibited. As Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, learns in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #89 (by Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Joe Caramagna), her new enemy’s Goblin Gaze is more than just a window into her soul. After peering into Felicia’s mind, the Goblin Queen hones in on all of Black Cat’s deepest insecurities before bringing them rushing to the surface. From there, all it takes is one subtle suggestion for the Goblin Queen to end the fight in truly horrifying fashion.

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Under the Goblin Queen’s influence, Black Cat steps off her assailant’s glider, plummeting towards the street below. Being able to gaze into the mind and memories of her victims is already a potent ability, but the power to manipulate others so completely elevates the Goblin Queen far beyond any of her predecessors. Besides the fact that this could give the Goblin Queen access to all manner of secrets, it affords her no shortage of opportunities to infiltrate her enemies’ efforts as well. Considering the Goblin Queen is just another of Beyond Corporation’s creations, the thought of her being able to cut down anyone in their way without implicating either of them is genuinely terrifying.

Of course, Marvel’s Goblins have never been the stealthy type, but that doesn’t mean the Goblin Queen’s gaze won’t help her and Beyond evade any prying eyes. With the new villain having already destroyed the evidence of Beyond’s wrongdoings which Mary Jane and Janine had been after, it’s clear that the Goblin Queen is already dedicated to keeping her creators’ messes under wraps. This calls into question exactly what else Beyond has been developing behind the scenes besides the Goblin Queen or their own programmable Spider-Man, although their presence would point towards more of the same. Should that turn out to be the truth, a single Goblin Queen might be just the beginning, especially if her stare can bring other heroes around to Beyond’s side of the fight as easily as it can kill.

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Thankfully, Felica is saved before any real harm is done, though her display of power has certainly left a major impact. Now that the heroes know what they are up against, they can at least begin working on how to fight back. With any luck, that will come long before the Goblin Queen can trap anymore of Spider-Man’s allies in her deathly stare. If not, there might not be many of them left when he really needs their help.

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