My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen titles in the modern era, and it features not only an excellent combat system of Quirks and superheroes, but also compelling and emotionally deep characters on both sides of the law. Villains such as Shigaraki Tomura aren’t just monsters of the week — they are troubled people with complex emotional states that are worth exploring.

Shigaraki Tomura was once dismissed by U.A.’s staff as a violent “man-child,” but that’s only scratching the surface of who and what Shigaraki really is. He’s certainly a dangerous criminal, but he is also very human, and that means his personality can be measured with not only his MBTI personality type but also his astrological sign, which can provide all sorts of insights.

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Shigaraki Tomura was born on April 4th sometime in the far future, meaning he was born under the sign Aries, one of the three fire signs of astrological lore. Aries is also the first of the twelve signs; since it’s a bold and proactive sign that likes to take the lead, it symbolically appears before any others as the leader of the pack. Aries is represented by a horned ram, standing for a person who will smash aside any and all obstacles to get what they want.

Unlike the easygoing Taurus earth sign or the whimsical Gemini sign, the aggressive Aries sign is all about taking charge, accomplishing goals and having the initiative. Such people are highly driven and passionate, and they may only take short breaks between projects before they begin a new mission. In addition, Aries is ruled by the first house, which stands for taking the initiative, the importance of the individual and novelty, and it’s also governed by Mars, the body of masculinity, courage and vitality. Being a fire sign, Aries is also all about passion and being true to oneself.

Aries’ most positive traits include not only enthusiasm and a proactive mindset but also leadership qualities and the ability to inspire teammates and friends during a mission or project. An Aries will always lead the way, and these people are doers above all else. They are most comfortable when they make things happen rather than wait for things to happen, and they are fairly calculating and thoughtful about all this. Aries is bold but not sloppy, and this makes the sign one of the more efficient of the zodiac. Aries also tend to be proud, confident and cheerful people, which can empower everyone around them.

However, all this comes at a cost. An Aries might overwhelm or burn out those around them if they are not careful, and they quickly grow frustrated with anyone who cannot keep up with them, which can cause issues. Aries can also be rather stubborn and arrogant, like Leo and Taurus, and that may cause further friction between an Aries and other people. In addition, Aries folk tend to keep their insecurities and negative emotions bottled up to maintain their invincible facade, and this will cost them in the long run. Some Aries think they can do everything alone without needing help, but they are wrong. Even leaders need other people to support them — otherwise, it all comes crashing down.

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In his boyhood, the child known as Shimura Tenko didn’t exhibit many Aries traits, although he was passionate about becoming a hero someday like his grandfather Shimura Nana. One night, his Decay Quirk awakened, and he accidentally slaughtered his entire family, then intentionally killed his tyrannical father in retaliation for his father’s harsh parenting up to that point. This left Tenko alone and vulnerable, and the sinister All For One adopted him as his heir. The boy now named Shigaraki Tomura had hands all over his body and a focused instinct to kill, and that set him on the path to becoming the new symbol of evil — a dark parallel to Izuku and All Might.

Shigaraki became a high-ranking member of the League of Villains soon after that, such as during the USJ invasion, but his Aries side didn’t truly start showing itself until All For One’s defeat. This left a power vacuum that Shigraki filled at once, and he began expressing himself as a natural-born leader. As a true Aries, Shigaraki is deeply passionate about what he’s doing, and he has little patience for anyone who doesn’t support him and share his goals to overthrow superhero society.

Moreover, Shigaraki has rather poor diplomatic skills, instead using shows of force to convince the likes of Stain the hero killer and the mighty Re-Destro to follow him. He also took charge when facing the massive Gigantomachia so the League could gain new powers from the Dr. Frankenstein-like Dr. Garaki, and Shigaraki also led the charge against the Meta Liberation Army, using Gigantomachia as heavy cavalry.

Now Shigaraki is the head of the Paranormal Liberation Front, a dazzling and inspiring Aries who just might claim final victory over the heroes in the upcoming war arc. Shigaraki may be impatient, reckless and stubborn as a natural Aries, but his passion, leadership skills and dark charisma are what allow him to take the lead and reshape society from the ground up.

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