My opinion on the very best Bugs Bunny perks


This information will not be full:

– The TierMaker is lacking a pair new perks, some stats within the photos are fallacious

– Game remains to be present process character patches, perk usefulness not set

– These are simply all-around strategies. After all, you solely have a lot gold to coach perks.

– Perk rankings will change primarily based on matchups/desire, your intestine > any tier record (together with mine)

Will proceed to replace primarily based on suggestions/patches

Signature Perk

Comin’ Through Doc: Tunnel explosions

Lingering Love: stun lasts on subject for set period

Bugs’ stun is means too clunky and gradual to make use of. The solely place that I’d think about using it’s on the ledge to protect and arrange down air spike combos, however even then I’d first be making an attempt to fish for up air/ahead air ringouts.

Comin’ Through Doc is way more helpful because the tunnel gives a novel escape and assault choice. The perk is even higher in 2v2s when your ally also can enter/exit the tunnels, triggering explosions.

Tier List (1v1s)

1v1 Tier List Rationale


– Bugs depends on his aerials and projectiles as his essential supply of injury (floor assaults are good combo starters, however are clunky and simple to counter)

– Evasion is essential to both fish for kills or keep away from assaults (bugs is a comparatively mild character)

Perk Opinions:

– Triple bounce/refreshing ringout are probably the most versatile mobility perks, nearly every little thing else is irrelevant

– Other mobility perks like aerial acrobat and velocity drive are nice for throwing off opponents, however will be swapped in sure conditions.

– Perks that make dodging simpler are good, however change into crutches long run. Perks like “I dodge you dodge we dodge” that present advantages for dodging are excellent (cd discount makes projectile “spamming” simpler)

– Perks that increase harm are okay, however not mandatory, as Bugs’ aerials and projectiles hit arduous and are nice kill confirms

– Offensive utility perks comparable to ice/hearth projectiles supply excellent strain and combo properly with Bugs’ package.

Tier List (2v2s)

2v2 Tier List Rationale


– 2v2 is way more chaotic and Bugs’ weaknesses change into a bit extra obvious

– We start to concentrate to stacked perk results and doable crew comps on this tier record

– Bugs’ position shifts from being an “aggressive zoner” to extra of a “damage support”

Perk Opinions:

– Triple bounce and skill refund are nonetheless prime tier. The most obvious variations on this record are velocity drive help’s heavy downgrade, aerial acrobat/coffeezilla downgrade, and tasmanian trig improve.

– Offensive stats largely stay the identical or are downgraded. With one other crew member, harm undoubtedly is not going to be a difficulty.

– On that word, ice and hearth projectile change into extraordinarily helpful as projectile primarily based crew comps and spamming change into extra related.

– Projectiles can even be extra prone to seem on enemy groups, which is why “school me once”(projectile block) and clear the air (dodge mirror) are upgraded (probably fee larger in mirror match).

– Projectile velocity is downgraded, a slower projectile will truly help in combo setups and supply extra counterplay choices in the event that they last more on stage.

– Many protection perks are upgraded as they enhance Bugs’ survivability. perks that enhance dodge are very helpful, particularly if stacked.


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