Mushihimesama for Switch to cease trading on August 10

Live Wire will delist the Switch version of Mushi Himesama of Nintendo eShop on August 10 due to the expiration of the licensing agreement with original developer CAVE Interactive, the company announced.

Mushi Himesama It was originally released for arcade on October 12, 2004. The Switch version was released on June 15, 2021.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Live Wire:


A vertically scrolling hell shooter set in a beautiful fantasy world.

This is the story of a princess who goes to meet the “Koujin” to save her family from a mysterious plague.

The world is decorated with meticulously drawn graphics, intense perfection, and a beautiful barrage of bullets. Take on five stages, including a lush forest, a scorching desert, and a solemn cave!

There are three different game modes and difficulty levels to choose from, including a Beginner mode that even novice shooters can enjoy. There are three game modes and difficulty levels to choose from, including the “Beginner” mode, which is great for beginners, and the “Ultra” mode, which will have even the most experienced shooters screaming.

Break through the oncoming barrage and beat the high score!


  • Three modes, including one for beginners.
  • You can choose the difficulty level from beginner to expert.
  • Set in a fantasy world of vast deserts, lush forests and underground caves.
  • Sound created by highly acclaimed sound creators both in Japan and abroad to add color to the game world.

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