My next life as a villain: All roads lead to destruction! Pirates of the Disturbance will be released on November 28 in the West

Otome visual novel My next life as a villain: All roads lead to destruction! – Disorder Pirates Publisher Idea Factory International has announced that it will launch for Switch physically and digitally on November 28 in the West. It will contain Japanese voiceovers with English subtitles.

The game will be available in both standard and limited editions. The latter will be offered exclusively through Idea Factory International online stores at north america And Europe. Its contents will be announced at a later date.

My next life as a villain: All roads lead to destruction! – Disorder Pirates It was first launched on December 23, 2021 in Japan. Gematsu had previously referred to it as My next life as a villain: All roads lead to destruction! – Pirates who move water.

Here’s an overview of the game via Idea Factory International:


Katarina Claes is a young woman born into a family of nobility and has a memory of her past life when she was a high school student. She is reincarnated as a villain in an otome game called Fortune Lover. Exile or death was all that awaited her in this new world. However, I managed to evade these ends, and somehow managed to make it to spring break all year long.

As fate would have it, Katarina and her adopted brother Keith boarded a state-of-the-art luxury ship called the Vinculum for their first voyage during their time away from the academy. Once on board, she realized that her friends were also present for what was supposed to be a luxury cruise at sea.

The tides quickly changed when they were attacked by pirates who captured the Vinculum and held all its passengers hostage.

This turn of events seemed familiar to Katarina, and she began to remember that this was the story of the Fortune Lover fan book.

Could this mean that she is living in a canned death-end apocalypse?! Will Katarina and her friends be able to return to the wizard safely?

The curtain rises for a new twist in this romantic comedy that evades the science of death!

>Key Features

  • Uncharted waters ahead! – A new science of death has emerged in this all-new story set in… My next life as a villain being! This original tale can be enjoyed by both long-time fans and newcomers alike.
  • Scoundrels, scoundrels, villains and villains – Katarina is not the only one who decided to take a cruise on board Vinculum. The complete My next life as a villain The crew is here. Featuring six romantic shipmates, including two brand new characters!
  • A trip down memory lane – As you progress through the story and meet certain conditions, you will unlock special memory scenarios. These episodes will take place from the point of view of the other characters in the story. Experience events such as childhood memories and tales from academic life!
  • Fat down the gates! – During your journey, you will sometimes encounter two paths in front of you. It’s time for a strategy meeting! Who better to ask for advice than…well, yourself! As seen in the light novel and anime, Katarina looks inward to attend a meeting with five versions of herself – led by President Katarina – to determine which path she will take.

Watch a trailer below. View a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Trailer teaser

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