Naruto still stands as one of the biggest names in shonen today, especially with its successor Boruto currently airing. Among other reasons, the original Naruto became “big three” material thanks to its outstanding character design, from the orphan turned Hokage Naruto to the rogue Uchiha Sasuke and certainly the slacker genius Nara Shikamaru.

Shikamaru appeared fairly early in the story, and ever since then, he’s been a fan-favorite with his odd combination of a lazy attitude, a strong sense of duty, his dry sense of humor and his unique hiden technique based on shadow possession. His personality can also be measured according to his astrological sign, which says more than a few things about him.

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Virgo is one of the three astrological signs of astrological lore symbolized by the maiden of fertility. Nara Shikamaru was born on September 22nd, making him a hardworking and detail-oriented Virgo — traits he shares with fellow Virgo Hatake Kakashi of Team 7. As an earth sign, Virgo is all about diligence, patience, tradition and stability, and Virgos aren’t liable to make reckless decisions or peal into a situation without preparing beforehand. Virgos aren’t as experimental as Geminis or as mystical as Cancers, but they are highly attentive to the world around them and can be surprisingly open to novelty and new ideas, so long as those ideas don’t disrupt their current worldview or projects too much.

Those born under the sign Virgo are practical, goal-oriented and diligent, and they like to analyze anything and everything around them to find the best route to success. Virgos aren’t as carefree as the air signs though, and they don’t like frivolity or foolishness that threaten to derail their plans. Virgos thus have a “slow and steady wins the race” mentality, patiently accumulating knowledge and making a consistent effort to accomplish their goals. Virgos can also be warm and friendly to others and deeply value stable households and families. In particular, Virgos born on September 22nd, like Shikamaru, are driven by logic, confidence and sheer stubbornness, and they can be rather charming and attractive to others too.

On the downside, Virgos often worry about what might be, and this can dampen their mood and cause them to get sidetracked in spite of themselves. Virgos can also be too stubborn and inflexible at times, and they don’t easily accommodate more flexible and free-spirited signs around them such as Leo and Gemini. Virgos might even worry themselves too much to appreciate the fruits of their own efforts.

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Shikamaru isn’t a typical Virgo. He is known not just for his tactical brilliance but also for his apathetic attitude, and this made a poor impression on everyone when he took part in the chunin exam. He was even booed for showing a lack of spirit before fighting his opponent, the wind-slinging Temari, and he didn’t mind losing the match. Later, when Sasuke fled the Hidden Leaf Village, Shikamaru’s virtues as a Virgo finally shone forth.

When the stakes are high enough, Shikamaru becomes an exemplary Virgo just like Kakashi, and he showcases his sign’s affinity for details, planning, thinking ahead and cooperating with friends. Shikamaru can make sharp observations on the battlefield, then rapidly but thoroughly formulate the perfect plan to achieve victory, planning many moves ahead like in a game of shogi. Shikamaru did this when he battled Tayuya of the Sound Four, for example, and he did the same when he battled the immortal Hidan and Kakuzu in Naruto Shippuden. Virgos love plans and concrete details, and those are the ingredients to Shikamaru’s battlefield success.

Shikamaru is also deeply loyal and somewhat stubborn as a Virgo, being an integral part of Ino-Shika-Cho and shedding tears when his beloved mentor Asuma perished at the hands of the Akatsuki. As a leader and a true Virgo, Shikamaru is patient, diligent and rule-oriented, and he doesn’t like rushing into things, nor does he allow his allies to do so. Shikamaru would much rather wait and strike at the right time than make a move at the first opportunity, which sometimes puts him at odds with Naruto or even Sakura, especially when Sasuke is involved.

This can lead to trouble since Shikamaru is a stable and stubborn Virgo who doesn’t like having his carefully-laid plans disrupted. However, Naruto, as a natural-born Libra, simply charges off to fight injustice, and Shikamaru will give a weary sigh and create brand-new plans to match. A Virgo will be flexible if they absolutely must, especially for the sake of a friend.

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