The Nerf Longstrike CS-6 blaster, which packs 18 Modulus Elite darts, gets a surprising discount on Amazon for Black Friday.

Nerf fans can get the Longstrike CS-6 blaster with awesome accessories for nearly 40% off this Black Friday on Amazon.


Normally retailing for $77.99, Amazon’s Black Friday event lists the Longstrike CS-6 at just $46.99 ahead of the holiday season. Nerf recommends the blaster as a gift for “8-year-old boys and girls who enjoy active play,” but older kids and adults can play too. No batteries are required for this particular blaster, so users can play straight out of the box with no hassle.

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The Longstrike CS-6 is equipped with three extras for custom setups. The barrel extension and scope attachments allow for more precise aiming, while the bipod stabilizes the blaster for greater accuracy. The Longstrike also comes with three six-dart clips and 18 Nerf Modulus Elite darts to fully load each clip, as well as a storage area for two of the clips so all three are within easy reach for quick reloading. Official Nerf darts are also compatible with all blasters that use Elite darts, including several from CBR’s list of the best Nerf guns for 2022. One Amazon reviewer who gave the Longstrike CS-6 a five-star rating noted that it shoots at an average of 74 feet per second, while most Nerf Elite blasters average just 70 FPS.


Source: Amazon


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