Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds delivers a new update with an interstellar space dungeon, crystal orbs, and more


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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, developed and published by Netmarble, recently received a new update that is packed with exciting content for players to explore. The update introduces the Interstellar Space dungeon, a new type of equipment called Crystal Orbs, the Buzzbee mount, and many more in-game events.

The addition of Crystal Orbs equipment provides players with a new way to increase their character’s abilities. Orbs come in two types – attack type and defense type. The newly launched Interstellar Space Dungeon, accessible in “Solo” and “Party” modes, offers players power-up materials for their Crystal Orb equipment, such as the Raw Crystal, upon successful completion. Moreover, the Buzzbee mount is now available for players to use within the game.

In celebration of the update, several in-game events have been made available:

  1. Treasure Island Treasure Hunt (up to 5/3): Players can earn ancient treasure map pieces as a bonus item by completing daily activities. These shards can be exchanged for various rewards such as the 4 ★ Purrrloiner familiar and premium chest for equipment-enhancing stone selection.
  2. Starry Space Dice Event (up to 5/3): Participants roll dice on a Starlight board to win various rewards, such as a Superior Equipment Improvement Stone Chest. Upon completing the round, players can get Crystal Orb Summon Coupons, Miraculous Warding Dolls, and other items.
  3. Gosling’s Special Guide (ongoing): This guide has been updated to include information on the new Interstellar Space Dungeon, as well as the recently added Gosling’s favorite achievement. Players can earn items to power up crystal orbs, including raw crystal summon vouchers and crystal orb summon coupons.
  4. Delightful surprise tasks (up to 5/3): By completing the given tasks, players can get many rewards, including 5 ★ Tetro puzzle selection packs, jelly bottles, and 5 ★ decoration boxes.

This comprehensive update to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds offers players the chance to delve into new content, enhancing their gaming experience with new challenges and rewards. To learn more about the update, head over to Official patch notes to release!


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