CourageJD, Nickmercs, Ninja, SypherPK, and TimtheTatman, five popular gamers, recently announced their plans to develop a new Battle Royale game within the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). With a collective audience of over 140 million people, these gamers have been playing and competing in Battle Royale games since 2016, furthering their understanding of what makes these games truly great.

When Unreal Editor for Fortnite launched in March 2023, it intrigued this group of friends, gamers, and content creators. Soon they got together and decided to pool their resources and knowledge to create their own Battle Royale game using UEFN.

Dubbed Project V, their vision revolves around building a game that prioritizes community feedback and features. Streamers are happy to develop custom weapons, a full-size map, smooth motion, and unique mechanics to create a truly unique gaming experience. However, they have kept most of the details under wraps for the time being.

The development process will be incremental, with the team planning to take their time and wait until UEFN features become more powerful and flexible. They believe having their players involved in shaping the game is crucial, and plan to rely heavily on the feedback and votes from their community.

In order to stay informed about Project V and have their voices heard, streamers are encouraging fans to follow along Twitter. The team is also looking for game developers, creative Fortnite experts, and enthusiastic gamers to join them on this exciting project, and have listed Open roles For anyone interested in contributing.

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