NITRO PLUS and NITRO ARTS announce Dolls Nest for PC

NITRO PLUS and its CG NITRO ARTS production team have Announced doll nest, a new title currently in development for PC (Steam). A release date was not announced.

NITRO ARTS, formerly Nitroplusarts, has previously created movies for games such as Full Metal Demon: Muramasa, sonicomi, Tokyo Necroand Touken Ranbu ONLINE.

For doll nestNITRO ARTS is in charge of the original plan and graphical development of the game, while NITRO PLUS is in charge of production.

According to the president of NITRO PLUS, Takaki Kosaka, in TwitterThis is the first genuine NITRO PLUS game in a long time, and the development staff is giving it everything they’ve got.

No further details were announced, such as information on the story, characters, gameplay, and genre.

Watch the trailer below.

Announce progress of progress

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