Of the Red, the Light and Ayakashi Tsuzuri releases on February 29, 2024

visual novel Of Red, Light and Ayakashi Tsuzuri will be released for Switch and PC via Steam On February 29, 2024, drama publisher and developer HaccaWorks* Announced. It will support English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its official website:


What is Of Red, Light and Ayakashi.

A PC game released in 2011, the second released by the dojin group HaccaWorks*. It has been adapted into a comic (10 volumes total), a novel, a drama CD, and other media. In 2014 it was re-released on the PSP gaming system with a major overhaul of the main scenario, and with full voices, a prequel, and a new ending.

This new version of the game has all the content of the PSP version, but now it’s even easier to play, available on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Added content

  • Collection of digital illustrations.
  • Updated game specifications and user interface.
  • Supports multiple languages ​​(Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese).


Yue is a boy born in a mountain shrine in the city of Utsuwa.

One day, he attends the winter festival together with his childhood friend, a black fox named Kurogitsune.

Lanterns shine bright red and people bustle. When Yue sees the outside world for the first time in her life, she meets two mysterious boys.

Upon returning to the mountain, the owner of the shrine, Mikoto, said to him.


  • Protagonist
    • yue (voiced by Shinosuke Tachibana) – He likes to take things at his own pace. He likes to be lazy, but he also has a curious side. He descends from the mountain for the first time on the day of the winter festival…
  • branch characters
    • Kurogitsune (voiced by Kei Shindo) – A black fox who has been by Yue’s side since he was a child. He is a good friend and self-proclaimed older brother of Yue. With a strong and direct character, he is an open book to those around him.
    • Togo Tsubaki (voiced by Daichu Muzishima) – A second year student at Utsuwa High School. He lives with his father and his little sister. He has a fairly mature personality for his age and is a loving older son. Both he and Yue seem to remember something about each other…
    • Akiyoshi Tochika (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai) – A second year student at Utsuwa High School, he is the son of the heir to a large landowning family. Due to his severe allergies he always carries a box of tissues under his arm. He has a simple personality, for better or worse. Having met Yue at the festival, he attempts to discover her true identity.
    • Sagano (voiced by Kosuke Toriumi) – A mysterious man who appears at twilight. Although he is always smiling, there is something that is not quite right about him. He acts like he knows Yue.
  • Subcharacters
    • Mr. Sato (voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi) – A Shinto priest at the Utsuwa Shrine and Mikoto’s right-hand man. To Yue he is a mentor and father figure. He likes to clean.
    • Mikoto (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) – She may look like a little girl, but she is actually the owner of the mountain that Utsuwa rules over. She adores Yue as if she were her younger brother. She has a calm and natural character.
  • Other characters
    • momiji (voiced by Akiki Yajima) – A doll-like specter that suddenly appears in the city. He is always hungry, since eating is his hobby. Although he has a great experience in food and is a glutton who will eat anything, he eats according to his own aesthetic and is picky about his tastes. His dream is to make 100 friends.
    • tomori (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) – A specter who serves Mikoto. Guardian of the mountain lights, he watches over them all night. In his free time he can be seen having a pleasant conversation with Yue and Kurogitsune. He is kind despite his scary appearance. He has taken a liking to Kurogitsune in particular.
    • saku (voiced by Yui Horie) – A schoolgirl-like specter. She does not get along with the other shrine wraiths, but rather patrols the city alongside Nagi. She has a cheerful and innocent personality, but as she hates losing, she also has a belligerent side that loves to face strong opponents. She is a little interested in Yue, since she seems like an opponent she lost to once in the past.
    • nagi (voiced by Saki Nakajima) – A schoolgirl-like specter. She does not get along with the other shrine wraiths, but instead patrols the city alongside Saki. Perhaps due to her calm and collected personality, she often acts as a pacifist in contrast to Saki. She is well known for her long braids, which she sometimes braids herself and sometimes Saki does it for her.
    • Ranchu (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura) – A specter who serves Mikoto. He is the caretaker of the residents of the Utsuwa Shrine. Perhaps because he feels comfortable with him due to their similar ages and a bit envious of his positive attitude, he often treats Kurogitsune in a cold manner. However, despite his negative words, his actions are quite kind.
    • Mr. Abe+ (voiced by Akira Ishida) – A specter who serves Mikoto. They work at the talisman counter, where they make amulets and fortunes. They are always trying to make Yue a fortune for some reason or another. Even though a pair of suspicious-looking hands emerge from his jacket, they insist that no one else is hiding inside.
    • kagetsu (voiced by Takuya Eguchi) – A specter who serves Mikoto. He is a direct subordinate of Sato and works alongside Mashiro. He has been by Mashiro’s side since his birth, as the two are inseparable. He is responsible for the “cleanliness” of the city of Utsuwa, both literally and in another sense of the word. He has a rather direct and condescending attitude.
    • mashiro (voiced by Yuki Ono) – A specter who serves Mikoto. He is a direct subordinate of Sato and works alongside Kagetsu. He has been by Kagetsu’s side since his birth, as the two are inseparable. He is responsible for the “cleanliness” of the city of Utsuwa, both literally and in another sense of the word. He seems friendly and cheerful at first, but has an unexpected dry side.
    • Hina Tsubaki (Yukana voice) – Togo’s younger sister. She really loves her brother and is attached to him. She is a bright and innocent kindergartner, but sometimes speaks and acts in a manner mature beyond her years. According to her brother, there is something called “Hina language.”
    • Goldfish+ (Suisen voiced by Marie Miyake, Gyokuro voiced by Juri Nagatsuma, and Kimun voiced by Natsumi Takamori) – Three goldfish specters who are always together. They get along well with Sato and can also take human form. The Red Goldfish Suisen is the most energetic. The Gyokuro black goldfish is the calmest. The Kimun yellow goldfish is the most pampered.
    • Sarah Suzuki (voiced by Ryota Osaka) – A classmate of Togo and Akiyoshi. He likes to take notes in classes. He admires the brilliant Togo and is obsessed with lending him his notebooks.
    • young man (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki) – A boy Yue meets in the city. He seems to be related to the disappearances that occur in the city.
    • Yaichi Tsubaki (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa) – Togo’s father. He is a failed novelist who works part time. He is a loving father, but his children do not take him seriously. The family gets along well.
    • Akitoshi Tochika (voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka) – Akiyoshi’s father. A major landowner who has supported the city of Utsuwa for a long time. He is the current head of the Tochika family.

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