One Piece Odyssey Reunion of Memories DLC Announced


The developers of the popular RPG One Piece Odyssey have announced an upcoming downloadable content pack titled “Reunion of Memories”, without specifying a release date. The game, which has been in development for many years, immerses players in the world of One Piece, allowing them to accompany Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew as they embark on an exciting journey.

In the new DLC, the Straw Hat Crew find themselves once again on Waford Island, celebrating their last night together after their incredible adventures in Memoria, a world shaped from their memories. A mysterious girl resembling Lim appears, dressed in black and carrying an evil black cube. This encounter sends the crew back to Memoria, where they must visit Alabasta, a place that looks different from their previous visit. However, the black cube they need to escape is missing.

Players must help Luffy and his friends navigate the changing world of Memoria and solve a hidden mystery before they can return to their journey. The One Piece Odyssey Reunion of Memories content trailer teases the exciting challenges that await the Straw Hat crew.

The official description of the DLC can be found below:

The famous pirates have finally rested after their amazing adventures on Wafford Island and in Memoria, the world is made of their memories.

But as they celebrate their last night together before sailing away, a girl who looks like Lim appears dressed in black with her hood split across her face, clutching an evil black cube in her hand…but who is she?

The Straw Hat Crew will be forced back to Memoria and transported back to Alabasta, although it looks different than last time, and the cube needed to escape has disappeared!

The world of memories is no longer the same and Luffy and his friends will have to find a way back, but not before they uncover one last hidden mystery. Find out what awaits the Straw Hat crew in the One Piece Odyssey ‘Reunion of Memories’ trailer!

One Piece Odyssey, an action-adventure RPG project from the One Piece universe, follows the Straw Hat crew as they become separated on a mysterious island after being caught in a massive storm. Players unite with Luffy and his crew to defeat the island’s powerful enemies, discover its wonders, and interact with its unique inhabitants.

The game is available on PlayStation 4 | 5 and Xbox Series X | S and Steam. Fans are eagerly awaiting the DLC Reunion of Memories, which promises to bring new challenges, surprises, and discoveries to the Straw Hat crew as they continue their journey.


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