Open-world adventure The Silent Swan announces PS5 physical release


The silent swan An indie, open world story from developer Praenaris and publisher Gammera Nest will officially launch in 2023 with a physical release on PlayStation 5. The physical release will be handled by Selecta Play, and there’s no word on physical releases for other platforms.

The silent swan It does not have an exact release date yet, but it is still expected this year. In addition to PlayStation, it will also be available on PC via Steam. Today’s announcement was accompanied by a new trailer for the physical release, which you can watch on the Gamemera Nest YouTube channel:

The silent swan is definitely an indie game that would benefit from any kind of next-gen release, because the point of the gameplay loop is total immersion. Players will spend most of their time exploring a vast open world, in search of more mystery-driven narratives.

PlayStation 5 technology such as haptic feedback and improved graphics should help create even more intrigue. It would be nice to see titles like this ported to virtual reality, such as PS VR2.

Today’s trailer shows off a lot of great scenery, but since the premise is at the root of the mystery, it remains relatively vague. Even the in-game environments are deliberately filled with majestic haze and tone.

Fortunately, the Steam page He explains the premise, in which the protagonist searches for his missing wife by looking for paper swans as clues. There’s also an unnamed “catastrophe,” and there seems to be a sense of devastation in today’s trailer.

Also, an essential feature The silent swan is that players can explore literally everything, and there will be “quicycles” to help traverse the map. despite of The silent swan It certainly sounds like an indie, still somewhat ambitious one.

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