If you’re trying for an Overwatch 2 tier list that can assist you acquire a aggressive edge within the multiplayer game’s beta, then we’ve obtained you coated. With 33 heroes to select from throughout three Overwatch 2 roles, beginning out in Blizzard’s FPS game may be fairly daunting, and it’s not at all times simple to inform how sturdy your chosen character is if you’re always developing in opposition to totally different counters and crew comps.

First off, some housekeeping. Our Overwatch 2 tier list isn’t divided up into particular roles, however we can have a hero from every role represented in every bracket. S tier is the very best class, it represents heroes who’re on the pinnacle of Overwatch 2’s meta and don’t require particular crew comps or methods to dominate with. A tier picks aren’t essentially worse than their S tier counterparts, however they’re typically tougher to make use of and get one of the best out of. B, C, and D tier comply with swimsuit, representing the decrease echelons of Overwatch’s roster.

Of course, simply because we are saying a hero is a must-pick, it doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t do a greater job along with your most popular primary character, however most gamers ought to be capable to have a look at this tier list for a fast snapshot of who to play and why. Join us we rank every hero within the game, from the titanic tanks to squishy helps.

Tier Heroes
S Moira, Soldier: 76, Orisa, Lucio
A Reinhardt, D.Va, Sombra, Sigma, Zarya, Ana
B Pharah, Reaper, Ashe, Baptiste, Brigitte, Echo, Hanzo, Sojourn, Genji, Mei, Doomfist, Winston, Widowmaker, Cassidy
C Zenyatta, Tracer, Wrecking Ball, Mercy, Bastion, Torbjorn
D Junkrat, Symmetra, Roadhog

Overwatch 2 tier list: three S tier characters, Orisa, Lucio, and Solider: 76

S tier


It’s not unusual to see Moira dispensing as a lot injury as a tank, besides she’ll match it with the quantity of well being given, too. Not solely can Moira pull off one of many quickest heals within the game when combining her orb and grasp skills, you don’t want nice goal to take action. And when your crew is all in fine condition, the alternate fires for each of these skills means Moira can deal foolish quantities of harm for a help. Add in some survivability in Fade and an final that’s nice for clearing congested areas, and you’ve got one of the best help hero.

Soldier: 76

There are loads of highly effective DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, however Soldier: 76 has one of many easiest and only kits of the lot. He can dash and self-heal, which is nice for escaping a pinch, however actually his power lies within the quantity of harm he can put out together with his normal assault rifle.Sporting 30 rounds per journal, just one tank to cope with, and a forgiving price of fireside ensures learners and professionals will get on with this injury stalwart.


This robotic tank is principally a DPS hero with additional well being. Orisa’s computerized cannon ensures your frontline is at all times deadly, she will be able to escape imminent loss of life by comboing her Fortify and Javelin Spin skills, and she will be able to disrupt or push enemies round together with her Energy Javelin. Her one weak spot is that she has only a few methods of getting previous shields, and so that you’ll must depend on your crew to interrupt by enemy defenses.


Playing as Lucio can typically really feel such as you’re not serving to the crew all that a lot, however fixed passive therapeutic with well-timed ults make Lucio an asset for any crew. His excessive mobility is nice for attracting consideration away from the heroes you’re therapeutic, and his soundwave – or boop – makes him deadly on maps with bottomless pits and cliffs to knock enemies off of.

Overwatch 2 tier list: three A tier characters, Reinhardt, D.Va, and Sombra

A tier


Arguably the truest tank in Overwatch 2, Reinhardt is nice at absorbing enemy hearth and bringing the remainder of your crew into the fights. He’s additional efficient in opposition to Orisa as his protect successfully nullifies her primary gun, and her poor mobility means she will be able to’t simply escape for those who nook her along with your hammer. Reinhardt additionally dips his toes into the S tier for sure maps, the place you both want to carry some extent or push by a decent area.


With one of the efficient ultimates within the game and a rounded package, D.Va is as sturdy as ever. Her mobility makes her particularly efficient at looking down injury and help heroes, and you are able to do loads of work for those who can efficiently breach the enemy backline. In addition to this, D.Va’s Defense Matrix instantly counters a variety of highly effective skills, together with Moira’s Biotic Orb, Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, and Ana’s Sleep Dart.


Sombra obtained a rework in Overwatch 2, putting much less of an emphasis on her disabling skills whereas growing her injury output. Her hacking means now attaches an enormous injury amplifier to the goal and you’ll apply that whereas invisible, which makes Sombra a key a part of any efficient backline assault. Pair up with a Winston or Doomfist to destroy helps and snipers, or goal the enemy tank to make a direct assault a lot simpler – she’s very versatile.


Sigma was no slouch in Overwatch 1, however a current slew of buffs have turned him into a powerful tank choose. His new HP complete of 550 makes him much more sturdy, and he now poses an actual risk to the vast majority of heroes as you’ll be able to combo his spheres and rock assault to dish out over 200 injury.


The tank role may be very sturdy in Overwatch 2, and Zarya has a number of the greatest close-range DPS potential of her friends. Her bubbles can preserve her within the combat for a very very long time, however she additionally permits her teammates to pop off by buffing them with the identical bubbles. Her cannon offers loads of injury by itself, and it offers much more injury when after she’s gained some cost, which she does by absorbing injury together with her shields. Finally, Zarya’s final is sort of assured to take not less than one hero out of the combat. Like Reinhardt, she excels at taking the combat to the enemy, so for those who’re having issues with an enemy Orisa then Zarya is a stable counter.


Keeping tanks alive is essential in Overwatch 2, which is why Ana is likely one of the greatest helps within the game – she will be able to each heal your crew’s tank, and disrupt the enemy’s with sleep darts. Her means to seamlessly change between therapeutic friendlies and damaging opposition heroes additionally makes her versatile and pretty simple to make use of, although she’s a sniper. To top it off, Ana’s Nano Boost final can fully change a game when used on the excellent time, offering an enormous injury enhance to pleasant heroes.

Overwatch 2 tier list: three B tier characters, Pharah, Ashe, and Reaper

B tier


Pharah has not been modified a lot in any respect, however her aerial mobility and injury output can nonetheless show deadly in the precise fingers. She would require a devoted healer when developing in opposition to hitscan injury heroes like Soldier: 76, and that’s an issue as a result of Soldier: 76 is so sturdy proper now that you just’ll nearly at all times be dealing with him. On the uncommon event when the enemy crew isn’t operating any hitscan heroes, punish them with the lethal Pharah and Mercy combo to deal devastating quantities of harm from the sky.


Reaper’s injury output has been nerfed in Overwatch 2, however his injury potential in opposition to tanks is so good that there’s often a superb case for taking part in him. He can even flank, so that you solely want to slide behind the enemy’s frontline, get near a tank, and spam his shotguns to show the tide of battle in your crew’s favor.


Overwatch 2’s 5v5 setup and extra cellular heroes means there’s much more open area on the battlefield than within the first game, and that’s had a reasonably noticeable impact on the efficiency of Ashe’s dynamite, which does tons of harm in congested areas. She’s nonetheless a superb injury choose, however you actually need to land your pictures to get one of the best out of her now it’s tougher to farm for her final means with dynamite.


If you need to play help on the frontline then Baptiste is a wonderful hero. His main hearth makes him genuinely harmful in the precise fingers, he can self-heal, and he can present momentary immortality – roll all that collectively and you’ve got a hero that recurrently is available in clutch.


A melee help with some tank potential, Brigitte affords loads of passive buffs and safety for her teammates. Don’t let that idiot you, she’s nonetheless able to racking up kills if you combo her mace assaults and protect bash.


This tank-buster is far weaker in Overwatch 2 as her duplicate means now has a well being level cap, stopping you from cloning a tank and steamrolling the enemy crew. Despite this, she’s nonetheless a extremely cellular, extremely damaging DPS hero with a various arsenal.


As at all times, for those who can hit your pictures with Hanzo then he’s among the finest injury heroes within the game. That’s a fairly large if although, particularly with Overwatch 2’s elevated mobility and one much less enemy hero to goal at. When paired with the precise set of heroes, Hanzo’s final is able to wiping out whole groups on the spot, however his incapacity to cope with heroes with excessive mobility makes him a tough promote.


It’s simple to think about Sojourn as Soldier: 76 however with a a lot greater talent ceiling. Her primary weapon is probably not hitscan, however it’s very sturdy at near medium vary. Attacking enemies with Sojourn’s main weapon expenses up her railgun, supplying you with entry to a hitscan beam which is able to dealing 200 injury for those who land a headshot. We can see Sojourn making her means up the tier list as soon as gamers begin to grasp her skills.


This hero is a nightmare matchup for loads of characters in Overwatch 2 and may deal ludicrous quantities of harm up shut. If you handle to slide behind the backline you can begin chaining swift strikes collectively and do away with weak heroes like Mercy and Widowmaker with ease. However, to get essentially the most out of Genji it is advisable to be very acquainted with the maps so you’ll be able to sneak round extra successfully, but in addition with character skills so you understand when to make use of Genji’s Deflect.


She might need much less crowd management potential than prior to now her weapon not freezes enemies in place, however Mei continues to be superb at laying down hearth and shutting out the target. With just one tank per crew in Overwatch 2, Mei’s means to remain alive and absorb injury could make her actually highly effective, particularly if it is advisable to maintain an space whereas your tank is therapeutic up.


Doomfist is excellent at looking down backliners, snipers, and aerial heroes, however all of his offensive capabilities are solely actually efficient in close-quarters fight. As a dive tank, he doesn’t present a lot of a protect for your crew, however he makes up for this together with his unbelievable mobility. Doomfist requires a particular crew composition to get essentially the most out of his distinctive skills, so we might keep away from selecting him except you’re grouped up along with your mates.


Winston’s new charged assault utilizing his railgun means he can now deal considerably extra burst injury when diving onto the scene. This charged assault additionally offers you extra choices relating to selecting your method. For instance, for those who land a charged shot on a help backliner you’ll be able to leap in and end them off fairly rapidly, however you too can play Winston from a a lot safer distance, giving him a bit extra survivability – that’s important for Overwatch 2’s solo tanks.


Widowmaker’s means to take down a help with one charged headshot is at all times going to make her a powerful choose in the precise fingers, particularly as that leaves the enemy crew’s solo tank weak. Widowmaker’s viability is map dependent, she excels on massive maps with open areas however is generally ineffective when preventing at shut vary. If you insist on selecting Widowmaker, it is advisable to discover ways to play as an extra DPS hero as a backup..


Like Hanzo, Cassidy is nice if you’re touchdown every shot and terrible for those who’re having an off day. His revolver is likely one of the few hitscan weapons within the game that may cope with excessive mobility heroes like Lucio, Mercy, and Pharah. Cassidy’s stun grenade has been changed with a magnetic grenade, eradicating his means to cope with tanks on his personal. The magnetic grenade is extremely efficient in opposition to different DPS heroes, able to dealing as much as 100 injury in beneath two seconds.


C Tier


Zenyatta is arguably the toughest help hero to play on account of his excessive talent ceiling, forcing gamers to spend quite a few hours to become familiar together with his unusual skills. He’s not one of the best healer within the game, neither is he one of the best injury vendor, however his final can single handedly thwart any coordinated assault by offering the crew with fixed therapeutic for six seconds. In addition to this, his Orb of Discord continues to be very sturdy and you must by no means underestimate his charged orb assault, however this wandering guru may be very simple to kill with a small well being pool and sluggish motion velocity.


Tracer could be the face of Overwatch, however she’s one of the troublesome heroes to play in your complete game. With simply 150 well being at her disposal, Tracer may be worn out immediately for those who aren’t cautious. She was once good for zipping in and destroying squishy heroes with one sturdy burst of harm, however a nerf to her primary weapons means she’s now extra suited to harassing the backline.

Wrecking Ball

Just like within the first game, Wrecking Ball’s primary power in Overwatch 2 is his sturdiness. Unfortunately, the change to 5v5 battles implies that there’s one much less enemy and gamers are typically unfold out just a little extra – that is unhealthy information for heroes like Hammond, who thrive off disrupting play. Additionally, new hero skills like Sombra’s everlasting hack, which supplies you a 40% injury debuff, and Orisa’s Javelin Throw can actually dent Wrecking Ball’s prized survivability.


With so many dive heroes and one much less protect to maintain her protected, Mercy feels extremely squishy in Overwatch 2. If you’re always therapeutic a superb DPS participant then she’s nonetheless efficient, particularly in the event that they’re aerial, however in any other case Mercy simply doesn’t present sufficient therapeutic to make up for the gulf she leaves in your crew’s offensive capabilities.


Despite a rework Bastion continues to be just a little an excessive amount of of a sitting duck in Overwatch 2, though his DPS potential in opposition to tanks could make an enormous distinction supplied you play every state of affairs completely. With a crew comp constructed round him, Bastion may be very highly effective, however it’s not often definitely worth the tradeoff.


The Swedish engineer is one other sufferer of Overwatch 2’s fast-paced meta, and whereas he’s in a position to chip away at advancing enemies together with his turret, most heroes can get round it with ease.

Overwatch 2 tier list: three D tier characters, Junkrat, Symmetra, and Roadhog

D Tier


On maps with numerous tight corridors Junkrat could be a devastating choose, however elsewhere he’s tame and there are far fewer CQC fights in Overwatch 2 than within the first game. His lure has additionally been closely nerfed – it not pins gamers who step into it, so that they’re a lot much less weak.


If any hero wants a rework proper now then it’s Symmetra. Her package was comparatively efficient within the first game because it charged off shields, however with one much less tank on the battlefield she’s not as potent, which leaves her open to dives from the roster’s extra agile heroes.


His restricted vary makes him a really poor match for Overwatch 2’s extremely cellular heroes, and whereas his hook may be efficient for snagging helps and taking them out, it depends on some superb goal.

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That’s all there’s to know concerning the present Overwatch 2 tier list. If you need to study extra concerning the Overwatch 2 launch date, try our information to maintain updated on the most recent developments. The Overwatch 2 beta is lively till May 17, learn our information to get into the beta as we speak.


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