Pocket Pair has released the Tokyo Game Show 2023 trailer for its open-world multiplayer survival crafting game In the worldwhich offers multiplayer, character customization, and more.

Get the latest details below.


In the world It is an open-world multiplayer monster collecting game set in a world inhabited by the mysterious “Pal” monsters.

in In the world, you will meet a variety of friends, and what to do with them is completely up to you. Capture them, raise them, fight with them, force them to work, sell them, and slaughter them for food; You can do many activities with friends in the vast world of Palworld.

Mysterious Monsters: “Bal”

in World In the worldThere are mysterious monsters called “Bal”. Upon release, there will be more than 100 types of friends with different personalities. Working with these friends will be essential to surviving in this harsh world.

Friends with different special skills

Every friend has a special skill. There are even friends who can shoot from the air like grenade launchers.

Character customization

Players can freely customize their character’s features such as physique, face, hairstyle, etc. Embark on this adventure with a character of your choice!

Fighting leaders and leaders of hostile organizations

You may encounter giant friends as you explore the vast open world. Additionally, every biome has a hostile organization based there, whose leaders stand in your way and won’t back down without a fight!

Building base with colleagues

Capture many friends and build the perfect base. Producing items, growing crops, cooking dishes, and generating energy can be automated by various friends who specialize in this business. Colleagues work in ways that suit their individual personalities. However, friends are also living beings like us. If you forget to provide them with food and rest, it will greatly affect their motivation.


In the world Supports multiplayer. Will you work together in this adventure or will you try to steal the enemy’s friends and agents? Of course, you can also exchange friends or make them fight.

In the world It is scheduled to be released in Early Access for PC via steam In January 2024, and for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via the Microsoft Store in 2024.

Watch the new trailer below.

Tokyo Games Show 2023



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