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The Empress Arcana is among the trickier ones to max out in Persona 4 Golden. She’ll ask you to fuse Personas with particular abilities, and the sport actually doesn’t let you know what Persona two monsters fuse into. More often than not, the fused Persona received’t even have the talent she’s in search of. To avoid wasting you time, listed here are all of the combos it’s good to know to fuse the creatures Margaret desires in Persona 4 Golden.

All Empress Arcana fusions in Persona 4 Golden

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To fuse the Personas Margaret wants, you may both do two issues: recruit or randomly fuse the Persona she’s in search of and train the talent with a card or fuse the proper Personas. The latter is arguably the simpler possibility, as talent playing cards (particularly those you want) are arduous to return by.

Some notes earlier than we begin:

  • It’s simpler to fuse stronger Personas than seek for them in dungeons.
  • Fuse any low-level Personas you receive. If fusing Persona ends in one that you simply don’t have but, fuse it.
  • Increased-level dungeons have higher probabilities of providing you with the higher-level Personas throughout Shuffle Time and vice versa. So, if you happen to’re in search of one thing as weak as Ghoul, you’ll have a greater probability of discovering it in Yukiko’s Fort than the Steamy Bathhouse.
  • All Personas will be fused.

If you wish to fuse the Personas you want, you should utilize Aqui384’s fusion list on Github. Merely click on on the Persona you wish to fuse and it’ll present you all of the fusions you are able to do to make it. Simply keep in mind that fusions can typically trigger “surprises,” which suggests you can find yourself with a very completely different Persona than the one you have been aiming for. Don’t be concerned, the sport is not imply sufficient to wreck any of your closing Margaret fusions!

Empress Rank 2 – Ippon-datara with Sukukaja

Finest fusion:

  • Sylph (with Sukukaja) + Any of the next: Cu Sith, Archangel, or Lilim
  • Angel (with Sukukaja) + Sarasvati
Persona The place to search out
Sylph Steamy Bathhouse
Cu Sith Yukiko’s Fort, Steamy Bathhouse
Archangel Steamy Bathhouse
Lilim Yukiko’s Fort, Steamy Bathhouse
Angel Yukiko’s Fort
Sarasvati Steamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease

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Empress Rank 3 – Matador with Mahama

Potential fusions:

  • Stage 19+ Anzu (with Mahama) + Berith
  • Stage 21+ Principality (with Mahama) + Saki Mitama + Oberon
Persona The place to search out
Anzu Steamy Bathhouse
Berith Marukyu Striptease
Principality Steamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease
Saki Mitama Steamy Bathhouse
Oberon Steamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease

Empress Rank 4 – Gdon with Rampage

Potential fusions:

  • Stage 27+ Matador (with Rampage) + Ippon-datara
  • Stage 28+ Ares (with Rampage) + Legion
  • Stage 28+ Ares (with Rampage) + Shiisaa
Persona The place to search out
Matador Your Rank 3 Persona is a Matador.

Nevertheless, it may also be present in Marukyu Striptease and Void Quest

Ippon-datara Marukyu Striptease
Ares Marukyu Striptease
Legion Marukyu Striptease
Shiisaa Marukyu Striptease

Empress Rank 5 – Neko Shogun with Bufula

From this level on, you’re going to want Cross Fusion. Margaret will introduce you to it on July 20.

The way to fuse:

  1. King Frost (with Bufula) + Huo Po to get Kusi Mitama (with Bufula)
  2. Kusi Mitama (with Bufula) + Ara Mitama + Kusi Mitama + Saki Mitama
Persona The place to search out
King Frost Marukyu Striptease
Hua Po Marukyu Striptease
Ara Mitama Steamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease
Nigi Mitama Marukyu Striptease
Saki Miatama Steamy Bathhouse

Empress Rank 6 – Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja

The way to fuse:

  1. Stage 20+ Anzu (with Sukukaja) + Apsaras to get Jack Frost (with Auto-Sukukaja)
  2. Jack Frost (with Auto-Sukukaja) + Pyro Jack + King Frost + Pixie + Ghoul
Persona The place to search out
Anzu Steamy Bathhouse
Apsaras Yukiko’s Fort
Pyro Jack Void Quest
King Frost Marukyu Striptease
Pixie Yukiko’s Fort
Ghoul Yukiko’s Fort, Steamy Bathhouse

Empress Rank 7 – Yatagarasu with Megido

The way to fuse:

  1. Taotie (with Megido) + Cu Sith to get Ares (with Megido)
  2. Ares (with Megido) + Dis + Pyro Jack
Persona The place to search out
Taotie Tower Personas can solely be fused.

What you will want:
– Unicorn (Marukyu Striptease, Void Quest)
– Oni (Void Quest)
– Apsaras (Yukiko’s Fort)

Cu Sith Yukiko’s Fort, Steamy Bathhouse
Dis Secret Laboratory
Pyro Jack Void Quest

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Empress Rank 8 – Yatsufusa with Mediarama

Finest fusion:

  • Stage 47+ Thoth (Mediarama) + Mothman + Orthus + Makami + Narasimha
Persona The place to search out
Thoth Marukyu Striptease, Secret Laboratory
Mothman Void Quest
Orthus Secret Laboratory
Makami Marukyu Striptease
Narasimha Secret Laboratory

Empress Rank 9 – Ganesha with Tetrakarn

Finest fusion:

  • Decarabia (with Tetrakarn) + Mithra + Yatsufusa
Persona The place to search out
Decarabia Secret Laboratory
Mithra Void Quest
Yatsufusa A particular Persona that may solely be yielded with the next:
– Makami (Marukyu Striptease)
– Thoth (Marukyu Striptease, Secret Laboratory)
– Mothman (Void Quest)
– Orthus (Secret Laboratory)
– Narasimha (Secret Laboratory)

There are a ton of different fusions that may create Ganesha here—simply remember to select those with Decarabia because it has Tetrakarn by default. Nevertheless, all of them contain Towers, which want fusions to create, so Decarabia + Mithra + Yatsufusa is arguably the best choice.

Empress Rank Max – Trumpeter with Thoughts Cost

Finest fusion:

  • Stage 38+ Taotie (with Thoughts Cost) + Matador + Taowu + Pabilsag + Daisoujou + White Rider
Persona The place to search out
Taotie Tower Personas can solely be fused.

What you will want:
– Unicorn (Marukyu Striptease, Void Quest)
– Oni (Void Quest)
– Apsaras (Yukiko’s Fort)

Matador Marukyu Striptease, Void Quest
Taowu Heaven
Pabilsag Heaven
White Rider Heaven
Daisoujou Magatsu Mandala in Magatsu Inaba

Daisoujou may also be fused utilizing the combos on this list. It may be more durable or simpler to do that. It actually relies on whether or not or not you have already got the Personas listed. That is why it is good follow to fuse any further Personas you’ve gotten.

It’s numerous arduous work, nevertheless it’ll undoubtedly be price it ultimately. At Rank Max, Margaret offers you a Spiral Brooch. This merchandise will help you fuse Isis, the most effective healer in Persona 4 Golden. It is a Bufu or Ice-equipped Persona.

For extra assist with Persona, check out What’s the greatest model of Persona 3 – FES or Transportable? and The way to unlock all outfits in Persona 5 Royal right here at Professional Sport Guides.

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