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■ About the game

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero is a role-playing game set in Ivory, a world made up of unique floating islands, which describes the adventure of a young girl named Marona who can communicate with ghosts, the spirits of those who have passed away.

The game’s appeal lies in its dynamic and versatile combat, allowing you to move freely around a gridless battlefield. You can use unique systems like “Confine”, which allows ghosts you’ve befriended to combine and possess items on the map to fight alongside you.

Additional systems will expand your range of strategies, such as “Fraternize” with Marona and a befriended Phantom with strong ties to alter the course of battle, or “Fraternize” with Phantoms and devices on the map, such as cannons and tanks.

You can also enjoy a large number of parallel activities similar to those of the Disgaea series, including character creation with over 50 units, strengthening your favorite characters to their full potential, exploring random dungeons to level up and collect items, and more.

■ History

Ivory is a world mostly covered by sea and made up of several large and small islands. A variety of species coexist in this world, including humans, beastmen, monsters, and magical creatures.

Marona, a young woman who can see ghosts, the spirits of those who have passed away, and her dear friend, Phantom Ash, lived their lives fulfilling the wishes of others, traveling the islands as Chromas helping others solve their problems.

Upon returning from completing a normal Chroma job, Marona and Ash encounter a tragedy. The ship they are on is attacked by a fleet of ghost ships called “Ship Eaters”. Ash ventures alone into enemy territory to rescue Marona, whose powers have been stolen by a mysterious masked man… And so they are separated.

After escaping the Ship Eaters and arriving on a desert island, Marona meets a ghost girl named Apricot who wishes to reunite with her missing father. Apricot’s father was the captain of the Argent Pirates, who once defeated the Ship Eaters, and with the loss of their captain, the Argent Pirates were on the verge of disbanding. Marona offers to help Apricot, who wishes to resurrect the band of pirates her father left behind, as well as find her father.

The only way to navigate these seas, largely pirate territory, is to become a pirate yourself and expand your territory. And so, Marona and Apricot work together to reunite with their loved ones and resurrect the Argent Pirates.

Set in seas where pirates and ghost ships roam, the story of the links between a young woman and ghosts, the spirits of the dead, is about to begin.

■ Characters

Marona (voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi)

“The miraculous ability “Chartreuse!”

A girl who can talk to “ghosts”, the spirits of the dead.

A young woman who has the mysterious ability to communicate with ghosts, the spirits of the dead. Due to her ability, she was once said to be “possessed by evil spirits” and hated by those around her, but now she is treated as a hero thanks to her role in saving the world from the God of Death. Destruction. She has a bright, positive and gentle personality. She does everything she can to help others through her work as Chroma.

Ash (voice of Hiro Shimono)

“I will protect Marona…! Water Dragon Skill ‘Eccarlate!’”

A young man who supports Marona, even in death.

Marona’s dear friend, a young Ghost who continues to support her after she lost her parents at a young age. She has a kind personality and a strong sense of justice. He and Marona are separated from her after he tries to protect her from a surprise attack by a mysterious ghost ship.

Apricot (voice of Megumi Toda)

“Someone, please save this child…!”

A lonely ghost girl who longs to be reunited with her father.

Marona meets a lonely ghost girl on Skull Island, a deserted island where she washes ashore. Her skills with a sword, learned from her heroic pirate father, are exceptional, but since she has not spoken to anyone for several years, she is not good with words and she scares easily. Encouraged by Marona’s positivity, she decides to search for her missing father and resurrect her band of pirates.

■ Systems

A free movement role-playing game

Battles in Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero features free movement on a map without grids. You can move freely within the area indicated by the circle on the map.

Actions can be performed by the fastest characters, whether enemies or allies. You can check the order of actions through the “Turn order” at the top right of the screen. Design your strategy by monitoring the order of actions.

Confine: Transform trees, rocks, swords and more into friendly units

In battle, you can use Marona’s abilities to “confine” the ghosts you have befriended to various objects on the map, such as trees, rocks, and items.

The performance of the unit will vary depending on what it is confined to. For example, if you confine a ghost to a rock, it will have high defense power but lower speed. On the contrary, if it is limited to a weapon, it will exhibit high attack power.

Highly Strategic Systems

Confines are automatically removed after a certain number of turns. Although keep in mind that eliminated characters cannot be Confined again during that battle. It is essential to think carefully about who you plan to confine and when.

Depending on the moment, your characters could be eliminated before you even get close to the enemy, leaving you short on power…

You can Confine deep into enemy territory, group up and Confine around Marona; The strategies are endless when considering who, what, when and where to confine.

Confriend: the power of bonds that can change the tide of battle

A special confinement called Confriend allows Marona to possess a Ghost that she befriends. By befriending an ally with deeper bonds, Marona’s stats will increase significantly, allowing her to unleash powerful special attacks and turn the tide of battle.

—Befriending ghosts will also transform your appearance.

One more!: A follow-up attack

If you defeat an enemy while in friendship, you will trigger a “One more!”, allowing you to take one more consecutive action. And if you keep putting out “One more!” actions, your stats will gradually increase. You can even destroy your opponent with a single hit.

Gadgets: new actions for confines

Trees and rocks aren’t the only things you can confine. Robots, vehicles with cannons, and flying devices can also be confined. Depending on the device you confine yourself to, you’ll be able to perform a variety of actions, such as expanding your attack range or engulfing enemies, broadening your range of strategies.

—Devices can be developed and upgraded at your base on Skull Island.

You can find certain gadgets depending on the map

Depending on the map, you may find special devices such as cannons, catapults, electric fans, and slot machines. Approaching these devices allows you to perform various actions, and by limiting yourself to them, additional special actions will become available. These actions can often be the key to successfully clearing the map.

—You can even get rare items in slot machines.

Character development and more to continue playing after the game

On Skull Island, your pirate hideout serves as a base where you can customize characters and undertake various preparations and challenges for battle.

In addition to the popular “Reincarnation” character development system from Disgaea series, Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero features “Awakening”, a much simpler character strengthening system than Reincarnation, as well as a “Drink Bar”, which allows you to assign experience points accumulated in battle to your favorite units.

These systems suit both players who want to enjoy the game as deeply as possible and those who prefer a more casual approach.

There are also many other activities to enjoy on Dokuro Island, such as “Magical Synthesis” to synthesize items, “Marine” to customize your pirate ship, explore “Random Dungeons” to find rare titles and items, and much more!

In addition to many other systems to play as you want

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero features many other new and unique systems, such as picking up an item found on the map and immediately equipping it, throwing obstructive enemies off the map, and lifting and stacking items to reach higher places.

For example, when you pick up an ally, you can use that character’s skills or wield them as a weapon. This game offers a wide range of gameplay elements that will spark your imagination.

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