Planet Coaster 2 announced for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

Frontier Developments has announced the sequel to the rollercoaster park management simulation game Planetary Roller Coaster 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (SteamIt will be released this fall.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Frontier Developments.


Dive into the exciting world of Planetary Roller Coaster 2Build the theme park of your dreams with an intuitive, piece-by-piece building system as you meticulously create and customize every aspect of your park like never before, down to the smallest detail. From towering roller coasters to spectacular, twisting water slides, let your imagination reach new heights to delight and thrill your guests.

In Planetary Roller Coaster 2Take your park to the next level by adding amazing water attractions that will really make a splash. From lazy, winding rivers to adrenaline-pumping wave pools, twisty slides and thrilling water coasters, you’ll have everything you need to create a water park and roller coaster paradise.

Discover a wide range of new attractions, themes and décor elements to make your amusement park truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a mysterious mythological land or a dazzling underwater world, there’s something for every aspiring park manager to explore with extensive new customization options.

Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime at an amusement park. Create, manage and share your experience with Planetary Roller Coaster 2Are you ready to make a splash?

Main Features

  • The ultimate roller coaster and water park simulation
    • Build the theme park of your dreams – Shape your terrain, use improved and enhanced construction tools to lay out paths and landscapes, and fill your creation with gleaming pools and exciting rides.
    • Combines water rides and roller coaster – Discover an exciting array of new rides, plus returning favorites and new water coasters!
    • Create an unforgettable experience – Surprise and dazzle your guests with exciting animatronic shows using the new event sequencer tool.
  • Push the limits of creativity
    • Design epic roller coasters and rides – Build your own magnificent roller coasters, water slides and awe-inspiring attractions piece by piece to create the ultimate experience for your thrill-seeking guests.
    • Find exciting topics – Along with the original Planet Coaster theme, discover four new distinct themes to bring your park to life, whether it’s the majestic mythology theme, the sunny resort theme, the vibrant aquatic theme or the rustic Viking theme.
    • Customize everything – Unleash your creativity with enhanced customization tools! Choose the color of each individual piece, add and scale up or down scenery and objects to your rides, and create the most incredible themed creations you’ve ever imagined.
  • Master in Management
    • Discover the secret of success – Find the balance between managing your budget, building the right amenities in the right place, and filling your park with exciting attractions to open the perfect park for your guests!
    • Remember, safety first – Ensure the health and well-being of your guests with shade cover, sunscreen, and employing lifeguards and mechanics to ensure no one gets hurt, whether by waiting in a sun-drenched line or overestimating their swimming abilities.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction – Understanding your guests’ wants and needs has never been easier, read your guests’ opinions about your park by simply selecting them and understand all the broader needs of the park in just one click thanks to the new heat map tool.
  • Share the trip
    • Build with friends – Jump into a shared game one at a time to build a park with your friends or players from around the world on all platforms! Save your progress to let your fellow thrill-seekers follow your changes. Compete to the top of the leaderboards in Franchise mode or explore your creativity together in Sandbox mode.
    • Share your creations – Upload your plans or completed parks to the game so other players can enjoy them and download your favorite creations. Everything will be available directly from the in-game menu or online in the Frontier Workshop.
    • Visit other parks – Explore parks built by other roller coaster managers first-hand: experience their roller coasters, rides, slides and pools and immerse yourself in the fun!

Check out the announcement trailer below. Check out the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announcement trailer

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