Pocket Bravery Developer Statera Studio Announces 2D Platform Fighter Shield Strike for PC

PixelHeart editor, and editor and pocket bravery Developer Statera Studio has announced a 2D platformer. shield blow for PC (Steam). It will be launched in 2025.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:

shield blow is a competitive game where players use shields as projectiles, in addition to the unique abilities of each of the eight characters. Created for up to four players, “VS” or “Coop”, and with a challenging story mode journey.

Embark on an epic journey in this combat platform game, immersed in a medieval fantasy setting, where the destinies of eight brave warriors intertwine in the fight against a terrifying infernal beast. Armed with divine shields and relentless determination, these heroes are ready to face epic challenges and fulfill their darkest desires.

Combining elements of adventure and combat in a completely hand-crafted pixel art environment, shield blow offers an exciting gaming experience. Explore 10 action-packed stages, each containing three challenging arenas, as you take on over 40 unique enemies and battle five towering bosses.

Choose from eight playable characters, each with different abilities and two unique special abilities. Master the art of throwing shields, defend yourself skillfully, unleash devastating melee attacks, and dodge enemy blows to achieve victory.

Plus, immerse yourself in intense competition with cooperative and versus modes for up to four players. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for fun or an avid competitor looking for a challenge, shield blow It offers an immersive experience for all types of players.

Join the battle, join our warriors and fight to survive in this exciting combat platform game. Adventure awaits you shield blow!

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Announce trailer

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