The blind prophet A point-and-click adventure game from developer and publisher Ars Goetia, it’s officially coming to Nintendo Switch on May 26, 2023.

That turns out to be the big reveal teased in RedDeerGames’ latest trailer for May’s lineup of Indie Spring Spree titles. Other India include The story of the little dragonAnd for a vast future, And Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot.

The blind prophet Originally launched in 2020, it is now available on PC via Steam. You can watch the full Nintendo Switch announcement trailer at RedDeerGames YouTube channel:

The blind prophet Not strictly a narrative game, but it does require very little interaction, even for a point-and-click adventure. but, The blind prophet He’s also wildly moody, and every square inch is filled with fascinating detail.

Lovingly crafted, the comic book art style is worth exploring on its own. Both visuals and themes have elements John Constantine, Hellblazer, which mostly works. The brooding story unfolds in a straightforward and familiar way, though there are some surprising twists. Its characters and world are slightly skewed, which creates some enjoyable tension.

The main problem that fans have had with the game is its awkward dialogue, which can sometimes feel full of errors. The Nintendo Switch port has a chance to smooth some of that out, but maybe that’s a long shot.

The blind prophet It’s mostly cool to look at, so atmospheric storytelling may have benefited from the next-gen console. But with very little gameplay required of the player, it should be very easy to pick up and go through like an actual graphic novel. This makes it a perfect match for the Switch.

You can read more about The blind prophetRedDeerGames and other upcoming indie games by checking out the rest of our news section.

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