What with all the Pokémon battles and experiences he’s had, and the fact that he spends most of his time with people older than him, it’s easy to forget that Ash Ketchum is still only 10 years old. There are times, however, when he does act his age, for which he has paid the price.

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Even in the later series, Ash says and does certain things or acts a certain way to remind us of precisely how old he is, whether that’s being naive, jealous, or being full of himself. Such occasions are however coupled with a harsh lesson about growing up.

10 He Tried To Use Electric Attacks Against Alolan Geodude

Ash encountered an Alolan Geodude when he picked up what he thought was a rock. After the Rotom Dex explained that the Pokémon is a Rock- and Electric-type, Ash attempted to catch it by having Pikachu use Electro Ball. The move wasn’t effective, however, which Ash should have known, given that he’d just been told as much by the Rotom Dex. Pikachu then used Iron Tail and Ash threw a Poké Ball, but Alolan Geodude Thunderpunched the ball into his face and escaped. Like the kid he is, Ash got carried away and forgot all about type effectiveness.

9 He Lied To Impress Others

Ash had to give a speech for Family Visit Day at the Pokémon School in Alola, but he was so nervous about it that he used the Rotom Dex to record his voice and deliver the speech for him – just the kind of scheme a 10-year-old kid would cook up. While it was giving the speech, the Rotom Dex malfunctioned, and Ash’s ruse was revealed. In the end, Ash was able to give his speech to the praise of the class, but not before he spent what must have felt like a lifetime feeling mortified and ashamed at his failed attempt to fool everyone.

8 He Offended Everyone With His Opinions On Perfume

In the early days, Ash and Misty had a rather fractious relationship. Like squabbling siblings, the two often engaged in spiky exchanges, and it’s perhaps the reason why Ash didn’t think anything of making snide remarks to women.

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When he entered a perfume shop in “Pokémon Scent-sation!,” he couldn’t help but offend everyone with his negative thoughts about the substance, offering his unfiltered opinion when nobody asked. Ash was kicked out of the store and had to resort to dressing like a girl in order to battle the Gym Leader, Erika.

7 He Fell For Nanu’s Tricks

Ash thought he’d met Nanu, the island kahuna he needed to find as part of the island challenge. But Nanu, feeling lazy, told Ash that he’s Nanu’s colleague and that the person Ash was after was out patrolling. Ash took Nanu at his word, despite him having been told he’d find Nanu at the Ulla’ula Island police station. Nanu then cajoled Ash into looking after his pet Alolan Meowth, of which he had several. Ash’s naivety saw him get scratched, bitten, and smothered by the Pokémon, while someone with more street smarts would have seen through Nanu’s lies or been more assertive.

6 He Used Only A Palpitoad Against Elesa

After hours and hours of planning, Ash decided to go into his match with Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa with only a Palpitoad, despite it being a three-on-three match. His thinking was that, with Palpitoad being resistant to Electric attacks and Elesa’s team being comprised of Electric types, Palpitoad would be enough. Predictably, this foolhardy approach did not pay dividends, as Palpitoad was knocked out and Ash had to go to the Pokémon Centre to get another Pokémon. An older, wiser trainer would at the very least have gone in with backup instead of using just a single Pokémon.

5 He Tried To Catch A Spearow By Throwing A Rock At It

Ash was perhaps at his most immature in the very first episode of the anime. He overslept, bickered with Pikachu, tried to catch a Pidgey with his coat, and threw a rock at a Spearow, causing an angry flock of them to attack Pikachu. This also lead to Ash borrowing and destroying Misty’s bike, for which he suffered in other ways. The writers certainly left a lot of room for Ash to mature, which he has done over the last two-plus decades… for the most part.

4 He Pulled A Prank And Got A Shock For His Trouble

In the 23rd episode of the anime, “The Tower of Terror,” Ash needed to catch a Ghost-type Pokémon, so he headed to the Pokémon Tower with Brock, Misty, and Pikachu. Before they entered the tower, Ash thought it would be a good idea to prepare them for what they were about to encounter by putting on a skull mask and scaring them. The others didn’t take kindly to this, with Pikachu taking particular umbrage and thundershocking Ash.

3 He Fell Off A Mountain As A Result Of Being Jealous

While Ash was climbing up a mountain as part of a test, Misty, riding a gondola with Brock, told Navel Gym Leader Danny to be extra careful, without extending the sentiment to Ash. Feeling slighted, Ash asked why Misty was so worried about Danny and not him, causing him to slip and fall.

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He managed to grab onto a ledge and was about to send out Bulbasaur, but if he did, he’d fail Danny’s test of not using his Pokémon to help him. Ash managed to haul himself up, but his jealousy almost cost him dearly.

2 He Used Pokémon That Were Not Yet Obedient

Ash has had trouble disciplining certain Pokémon, with perhaps the best example of this being when Ash came up against Ritchie. Ash had plenty of other Pokémon at his disposal, but his lack of foresight meant he went with the most powerful, Charizard, despite the fact that it wasn’t yet ready to obey him. Charizard lay on the ground and refused to battle, handing the victory to Ritchie. With more experience, Ash would have used Pokémon that, while not the strongest or quickest, would at least have followed his orders.

1 He Had A Big Head At The Start Of His Career

Just like most kids who win at a game, Ash has shown himself to be rather braggy and obnoxious, particularly in the beginning. Leading up to his battle with AJ in “The Path to the Pokémon League,” Ash bragged about the badges he’d won, much to the annoyance of Brock and Misty. The battle was incredibly one-sided, with AJ defeating Ash’s Pidgeotto and Butterfree with just his Sandshrew. It was a tough lesson that showed it doesn’t pay to be overconfident.

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