Following Ash Ketchum’s different ranges of success over the course of the Kanto stage of his Pokémon journey, he swiftly moved on to discover Johto together with his shut mates Misty, Brock, and his Kanto Pokémon in tow. Johto is the place Ash began to assume extra like an skilled Pokémon Trainer, incomes his victories reasonably than having them handed to him.

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His earlier battles on this new area helped him to form his new staff, and within the course of elevate a staff worthy of going additional on the Pokémon League on this area and even beating his rival Gary Oak.

10 Casey Was A Rookie & Stood No Chance Against Ash’s Charizard (Result: Win)

For most of his Pokémon journey, Ash has been identified to depart a lot of his Pokémon behind when journeying to a brand new area, apart from Pikachu. But when Ash set off for Johto, he saved his important celebration with him. Aside from a traditional tussle with Team Rocket, Ash’s first correct battle within the Johto area is with a brand new coach known as Casey, a spirited younger lady who refuses to surrender regardless of being out of her depth.

Ash simply sweeps by way of her staff of Pidgey, Rattata, and Chikorita together with his overpowered Charizard, and regardless of them commending her resolve, Casey is upset and leaves in a rush.

9 Casey & Chikorita Rallied, Determined To Get Immediate Revenge On Ash (Result: None Due To Interruption)

Following her defeat by the a lot stronger Ash, Casey runs off distraught. But with cheering and help from Team Rocket, she is satisfied to channel her favourite baseball staff, Team Electabuzz, by refusing to surrender irrespective of how laborious the duty at hand.

Team Rocket convinces Casey that Ash cheated by utilizing Charizard, prompting Casey to turn into fired up and problem Ash to a rematch, pitting Chikorita towards Pikachu. Chikorita begins off strongly this time and dominates Pikachu earlier than Team Rocket reveals their true intentions and interrupts the battle.

8 Rochelle’s Strongest Donphan Was Too Much For Heracross To Handle (Result: Loss)

When Ash and mates rescue a coach’s Donphan from the clutches of Team Rocket, Ash challenges her to a battle. The coach, named Rochelle, makes use of her Donphan towards Ash’s newly acquired Heracross, pitting two powerhouses towards one another.

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Heracross exhibits glimpses of promise however is finally outmatched and dominated by Donphan and its highly effective assaults, together with Rollout and Tackle. Donphan picks up a formidable win after an entertaining backwards and forwards and Ash acknowledges Donphan’s energy in graciously accepting defeat.

7 Ash Only Just Had Enough To Get Past Falkner & Earn His First Johto Badge (Result: Win)

By the time Ash makes it to his first Gym in Violet City, he’s beginning to formulate a staff made up of each Kanto and Johto Pokémon. His opponent is the Flying kind specialist Falkner, and it finally ends up being a intently fought 3-on-3 battle.

Chikorita loses to Falkner’s Hoothoot, however Pikachu eliminates the Owl Pokémon and the Dodrio that follows earlier than falling to Falkner’s prized Pidgeot. Pidgeot versus Charizard turns into a fiercely fought remaining stage of the match, with Falkner urging a defiant Ash to forfeit when he has him on the backfoot, which Ash instantly rejects. Charizard is ultimately in a position to push by way of Pidgeot’s pace, hitting it with a Fire Spin and Seismic Toss for the win.

6 Chikorita’s Disobedience Stopped Ash From Winning Against A Schoolboy (Result: None Due To Interruption)

In Chikorita’s Big Upset, Ash is battling a Schoolboy, pitting Chikorita towards his Raticate. Ash ultimately remembers Chikorita on account of it being drained. But Chikorita begins appearing out and refuses to get again into its Poké Ball, losing time till the mom of Ash’s opponent calls him away, thus ending their battle.

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It is ultimately revealed that Chikorita is jealous that it is not the focus and Ash’s sole focus, a truth that’s later suppressed and remedied when Ash takes discover and tries to offer it extra recognition.

5 Pikachu Only Beat Mareep Due To Exhaustion (Result: Win)

As Ash and his mates proceed their Johto adventures on the best way to his second Gym problem, they encounter a younger lady named Mary who has a Mareep known as Fluffy. Mary has goals of getting into a competition for Mareep, however she believes she is a good distance off.

Ash agrees to battle Mary, pitting Pikachu towards Fluffy. But when each Pokémon exhaust their electrical energy through the battle, Fluffy faints, thus shedding the bout. It is not a traditional battle by any means, however Ash takes the prospect to enhance Pikachu’s agility and dodging capabilities by avoiding Fluffy’s assaults till it tires.

4 Heracross & Blade Had A Closely Fought Battle (Result: Win)

When Ash and mates come throughout a Pokémon dojo, they encounter a tough scholar who has given up hope on battling, as a substitute turning to statistics and his Poké-database. The scholar, Shingo, discovers that Ash misplaced within the final 16 of the Indigo Plateau Conference and mocks him as a failure and somebody not appropriate to show college students something.

Ash ultimately succeeds in coaxing Shingo into battling him, with Heracross dealing with Shingo’s Scizor, named Blade. After an intense 1-on-1 battle, Heracross ultimately emerges victorious, however the bout makes Shingo lastly abandon his laptop computer and rush to his Pokémon’s facet, implying he has discovered some love for Pokémon and battling as soon as once more.

3 Cyndaquil Battled Immediately After Being Caught & Defeated Koji’s Sandslash (Result: Win)


Good ‘Quil Hunting sees Ash and mates meet an aggressive coach named Koji, who’s intent on catching himself a Cyndaquil. After useless sabotaging from Koji and assaults from Team Rocket, Ash finally ends up catching the Cyndaquil himself as a way to maintain it protected, a lot to Koji’s dismay.

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A determined Koji challenges Ash to a battle to determine who ought to be its proprietor, however Ash makes use of the Cyndaquil to face Koji’s Sandslash. Cyndaquil proves its value by defeating Sandslash and has to scare off Koji afterward when he cannot settle for defeat and tries to seize the Fire kind in a web.

2 Ash Managed To Overcome Bugsy Despite Several Scares (Result: Win)

In Gettin’ The Bugs Out, Ash lastly takes on his second Johto Gym problem, dealing with off towards Azalea Town’s Bug-type specialist Bugsy. Continuing on from his current momentum in Pokémon battles, Ash begins off shortly with Chikorita blowing previous Bugsy’s Spinarak earlier than changing into complacent and shedding to a Metapod.

Bugsy’s Metapod ultimately falls to Ash’s Pikachu, however when Scyther avenges its teammate, it’s right down to Cyndaquil versus Scyther. Cyndaquil is ready to outsmart Scyther and finish the battle by engulfing it with a strong Flamethrower, incomes Ash the win and the Hive Badge.

1 Ash’s Tauros Was Too Powerful For Fernando’s Own (Result: Win)

Trading Pokémon is the principle focus of Tricks of the Trade, with the anime-exclusive location of Palmpona enjoying host to the Pokémon Swap Meet. Ash garners consideration for the occasion after displaying his Tauros in a battle towards one other Tauros belonging to a coach named Fernando.

Ash emerges victorious after a number of Take Downs, profitable the Tauros competitors. This will get the eye of many members of the general public who wish to commerce their Pokémon for Ash’s Tauros, however he refuses all of them.

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