Pokémon Go reveals the full content update schedule for May


pokemon go, Niantic’s upcoming augmented reality game has just released the full event schedule for all of its upcoming May content. This includes 5-star raids, mega raids, hours of lights, events, and more. The May update will run through June 1st and finally end with the Rising Heroes season. This is the full announcement and schedule from the official pokemon go Twitter feed:

Perhaps the most notable of today’s revelations is the unannounced event scheduled for May 22nd. It’ll run for a week, so it can’t be just another classic community day. Instead, it’s likely to be something completely specific, like the Sustainability Week event that only kicked off last week and features Shaymin.

Sadly, that’s probably where the excitement will end. There aren’t any real surprises here, and there’s been an overwhelming amount of fan backlash to the Raid features. Therefore, players really don’t want to see the focus on 5 stars, mega raids, and raid days when they feel inconvenienced.

In fact, Days of the Blitz may have been somewhat of a deliberate, hard-hitting statement about recent changes. That wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question after the recent controversies at Niantic.

Spotlight in May will mostly feature older gen Pokemon, which isn’t considered a rarity. Fans will likely be disappointed, no matter what the glossy releases.

pokemon go Gaining a lot of fans, most of whom are casual gamers who are likely to keep playing regardless of the content. Sometimes, this encourages developers to take simple measures. But there is still an opportunity for developers to interact with the community more and improve it. Meanwhile, fans are still hoping to learn more about the new Go Fest.

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