Pokémon Legends: Arceus continues the trend of sending players who want to catch Spiritomb on a laborious and time consuming quest before they can further fill out their Pokédex. While Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl had players speak to certain number of NPCs prior to catching the cursed Pokémon, Legends sends players all across Hisui in search of 107 scattered wisps.

Players receive the Spiritomb quest “Eerie Apparitions in the Night” automatically while playing through the game. A young girl named Vessa will approach players in Jubilife Village during nighttime and hand over an Odd Keystone. Players must use this Keystone to collect wisps, seven of which are found in Jubilife. Each of the remaining locations contain 20 wisps each. Here’s where to find all the wisp hidden in the Crimson Mirelands.

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The first wisp is in the Golden Lowlands. It can be found at the tip of the crescent shaped hill separating the lowlands from the bog.

The second wisp, also in the Golden Lowlands, is to the west. It’s located in the dip between the two cliff sides running along the edge and into the Gapejaw Bog.

The third wisp is in the Gapejaw Bog. It’s located on the cliffs overlooking the river, past the pillar ruins to the south of the bog.

The fourth wisp is between the Gapejaw Bog and the Holm of Trials. It’s located in the pool of water by the southernmost point of land before crossing the river.

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The fifth wisp is in the Holm of Trials. It’s located on the southernmost edge of the map along the cliff side.

The sixth wisp is located to the east of the first Holm of Trials wisp. It can be found on the little lake island where Alpha Sliggoo roams.

The seventh wisp is located at the southern end of Ursa’s Ring. Players can find the wisp on an elevated area close to the river.

The eighth wisp is located in the Droning Meadow. Players can find the wisp in a nook at the eastern edge of the map.

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The ninth wisp is located in the Cottonsedge Prairie. It’s on an elevated stretch of land by a dead tree.

The tenth wisp is located at the edge of the Scarlet Bog. It’s located on a hill by the riverside.

The eleventh wisp is found at the northern edge of the Cottonsedge Prairie. It’s located on an elevated area near the river, northwest of the first Cottonsedge Prairie wisp.

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The twelfth wisp is located at the Bolderoll Slope near the river’s edge.

The thirteenth wisp continues up the river from Bolderoll Slope to the top of the Lake Valor Waterfall. The wisp is at the right tip of the land encircling Lake Valor.

The fourteenth wisp is located in the Bolderoll Slope. It can be found around the edge of the plateau that has an Alpha Onix, south of the Diamond Settlement.

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The fifteenth wisp is located on an elevated patch of land in the Solaceon Ruins due west of the previous wisp.

The sixteenth wisp is located on the plateau west of the Diamond Settlement.

The seventeenth wisp is northeast of the Mirelands Camp, on the opposite side of the river near the base of the mountain.

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The eighteenth wisp is located at the Cloudpool Ridge. It’s on the lower edge of the mountainside running along the river.

The nineteenth wisp is located in the central forested area of the Cloudpool Ridge. It is just south of the Brava Arena entrance.

The final wisp is located at the edge of the Cloudpool Ridge. It is east of the previous wisp, at the top of the ridge.

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