In Generation IV’s Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Trainers were offered their choice of either the Fire-type Chimchar, Grass-type Turtwig or Water-type Piplup from Professor Rowan as their Starter Pokémon. Despite taking place in an earlier form of the Sinnoh region, Pokémon Legends: Arceus threw fans for a loop by offering three starters from different generations instead. While that was a point of curiosity at first, fans can now understand that decision in context of the space-time distortions present in Hisui. These distortions give credence to the idea that Legends‘ Hisui could be an alternate reality, as well as further the Pokémon games’ developing multiverse.

While the Sinnoh Starters are not handed out at the beginning of the game, players can still obtain them in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The three can be found wandering around in their natural habitats, and players can catch as many as they’d like (and need to complete the Pokédex). Here’s where to look for Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup.

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Chimchar can be found on Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands. This Pokémon appears in the forested central area of the island during any time of the day or night. Catching Chimchar without being spotted or feeding it will help fill out its Pokédex entry. It likes all foods except for salt. Sometimes, an Alpha Chimchar or Alpha Infernape will spawn in this location as well. Chimchar is number 61 in the Hisui Pokédex.

The Grass-type Turtwig appears at the Droning Meadow lake east of Ursa’s Ring in the Crimson Mirelands. Players can find Turtwig and its first evolution, Grotle, at this area day or night. There’s also an Alpha Torterra in the Holm of Trials. As with Chimchar, catching a Turtwig without being spotted or feeding it will help fill out its Pokédex entry. Turtwig will happily eat any food, and it is number 130 in the Hisui Pokédex.

Piplup can be found at the Spring Path in the Cobalt Coastland. Players can find a regular Piplup or its Alpha form during the day or night near the Spring Path lake. There is also an Alpha Empoleon at Islespy Shore. Catching Piplup without being spotted and feeding it food are both research tasks for its Pokédex entry. Piplup will eat mushrooms, grains and beans, and the Water-type is number 161 in the Hisui Pokédex.

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