Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have launched, giving birth to the ninth generation of Pokemon and, with them, their strange ways of evolving them. Over the generations, there have been multiple unconventional tactics to evolve Pokémon beyond increasing levels. As a result, Trainers have had to do everything from playing the game at certain times to changing their systems.

Paldea’s Ghost-type Gimmighoul looks to take the task of evolution to a new level. While Pokemon have dropped items before, including special items (like Farfetch’d with his leek), Gimmighoul has coins. These Gimmighoul Coins may seem insignificant at first, but they play a vital role in the evolution of this Pokémon.

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Gimmighoul has two forms

Gimmighoul Chest Form Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Gimmighoul can be found around Paldea in two separate forms: the chest form and the roam form. The easiest way to catch this Ghost-type Pokemon is to place it in its chest form on top of the towers near the ruins in the Western Province. However, Trainers looking to capture Gimmighoul will want to be careful not to miss the Pokémon hiding inside its chest. Trainers can only capture Gimmighoul when in chest form in scarlet and violet (The roaming form can only be captured in Pokémon GO), so if the player didn’t want to catch Gimmighoul and instead made the Pokémon faint, it will award Gimmighoul Coins.

To find Gimmighoul’s roaming form, players will need to be vigilant while exploring Paldea. Trainers will know when the roaming form is nearby, as the game will play a musical indicator to warn them. Once found, the roaming form will give players some coins, but usually only one. These will not be standard coins that the player uses to purchase items, but rather Gimmighoul coins.

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How to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo

Gholdengo Pokemon Scarlet And Violet In A Field

Gimmighoul’s evolution is known as Gholdengo. According to the Pokédex entry “His body of his appears to be made up of 1,000 coins.” This is actually a great hint on how to evolve the Pokemon, as players need to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins to turn it into a Steel/Ghost-type Gholdengo.

Due to the large number of coins needed to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, there are a few methods to collect 999. The first method is to farm Gimmighoul in the Western Province. Each fainted Gimmighoul will provide 50 coins. After defeating 20 Gimmighoul, players will have enough to evolve the Pokémon into Gholdengo. The second method is to find enough of Gimmighoul’s roaming form. The roaming form respawns after a while, so players can return to areas where they previously encountered the Pokemon to collect more coins.

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The Gimmighoul roaming form can be found in Paldea, but there are areas that they frequent more than others. There are seven located in Area One of the Southern Province, six in Area Two of the Southern Province, two in Area Four of the Southern Province, and one each in Area Six of the Southern Province and Area One of the Western Province. Area One and Two of the Southern Province is where players are most likely to encounter the Pokemon. Most of them in Area One are wandering around the ruins and Los Platos. The ones in Area Two mostly hide behind rocks and on farms. The ones in Area Four can be found behind the Watchtower and under the bridge to the Western Province. The one in the Southern Province is behind a sign leading to Alfornada, and the ending in the Western Province is on the sign outside Alfornada Cavern.

It may seem like a lot of work, but Gimmighoul is well worth evolving. Gholdengo adds the Steel-type to the Pokemon and has impressive base stats for health and special attacks. The type mix also grants it quite a few immunities and resistances, with the only true weaknesses being Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark.


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