Pokemon unite, the hit MOBA game from developer TiMi Studio Group, just released an all-new trailer for Battle Pass 16 featuring the gameplay of Knight Style Scizor and Aristocrat Style: Mr. Mime and many cosmetics for new players.

according to New tweet From the official synopsis of the game, players will instantly unlock the new Mr. Mime outfit by investing in the battle pass. But you’ll need to rank up just right to get the Knight Style Scizor.

Battle Pass 16 launches June 12, 2023. Pokemon unite Now available on mobile devices with the App Store or Google Play, as well as Nintendo Switch. Here is the new battle royale trailer today on Pokemon unite YouTube channel:

Scizor is definitely the smart choice for the new battle pass jackpot. After polishing them, the signature punch made them more than workable, and the Persian theme is a perfect fit for Scizor’s current design. The new Holowear looks very uncluttered, detailed and regal.

It’s nice to see some gameplay footage, so that it’s clear for players to know what they’re going to gain. The Knight Style Scizor certainly has a presence, and it might even help camouflage the Scizor’s bright red signal a bit on the field.

Mr. Mime’s Aristocrat style looks cool enough, though it seems like a huge missed opportunity for the developers to bend to a more zany look.

It’s nice to see a better variety of player cosmetics, which are also quite elaborate and flashy. It’s important to note that today’s trailer showed images “from a product in development,” so there should still be some improvements in the shop ahead of Battle Pass 16. Meanwhile, Leafeon is still slated to join the game this week according to a blog post last month. official.

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