Earlier this summer, Nintendo announced that Princess Peach was getting her own game. At the time, they referred to the project as an untitled Princess Peach game but the company revealed its official name during today’s Nintendo Direct: Princess Peach Showtime!

Princess Peach will hit the Switch early next year on Showtime on March 22. Along with revealing the game’s name and its release date, Nintendo shared new details about what to expect. Princess Peach and some toads take a trip to the Sparkle Theater to see a play. But when Wicked Grapes and Sour Bunch arrive, it’s up to Princess Peach to save the day.

Check it out for yourself in the Princess Peach Showtime trailer below:

Princess Peach jumps onto the stage with the help of Sparkle Theater Guardian Stella to take down the Sour Bunch and, hopefully, their hero Wicked Grape. To do so, Princess Peach must make her way through various dramas, transforming along the way. We see her become Swordfighter Peach, with a musketeer-esque outfit to go with it. As Swordfighter Peach, she can use the rapier to take down the Sour Bunch and other enemies in front of her. But it’s just a play.

Today’s trailer reveals that Princess Peach will become Detective Peach to determine who is stealing the artifacts from the museum. We see her become Patisserie Peach in an attempt to find stolen sweets and kung fu Peach to stop the Sour Bunch from taking over a martial arts school.

This is just a taste of the transformations awaiting Princess Peach on Showtime.

Princess Peach will hit the Showtime Switch on March 22, 2024.

Are you excited for Princess Peach Showtime? Let us know in the comments below!


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