Discord has become an extremely valuable asset to gaming communities, allowing real-time discussions. More than that, it facilitates an atmosphere in which fans can come together and even improve the game. Project Slayers is no different, so join if you’re a fan!

What is the Project Slayers Discord Link?

There’s a lot to do in a game’s Discord channel! Chat with other community members, get updates from developers, and everything in between. Joining is a great idea if you want to feel closer to Project Slayers and its community. If you want to be part of the Project Slayers Discord, follow the link and join.

How to Join the Project Slayers Discord

It’s easy to join the Project Slayers Discord! All you have to do is follow the Discord link and Accept Invite. This will take you to the Discord channel, as long as you have a Discord account and are currently logged in. Make sure to read over the rules in the Rules channel.

Then, head to the Verify channel to verify yourself through Bloxlink. This will confirm you have a Roblox account, which then allows you to interact with the Discord community.

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What is the Project Slayers Support Discord Link?

There used to be a Project Slayers Support Discord, but that seems to no longer be the case. The old link no longer works, and there is now a Support section on the regular Project Slayers Discord. This likely means that the developers have condensed the two Discord channels into one.

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