Project Slayers is a Roblox game themed after the anime Demon Slayer. In Project Slayers, you can experience the training of a Demon Slayer as a human, or you can become a demon and hunt down Slayers. Like Breathing Styles as a Slayer, Demon Arts involve unique mechanics that allow players to experience the game in their own way. Here’s our tier list of the best demon arts.

Demon Arts Tier List in Project Slayers

Tier Demon Art
S Blood Explosion, Ice, Shockwave
A Dream, Reaper, Swamp
B Tamari Ball
C Arrow

Best S-Tier Demon Art in Project Slayers

The best Demon Art in Project Slayers is Blood Explosion Art. This Demon Art can overwhelm your enemies with relentless slashes and demolitions. Blood Explosion Art possesses one of the most potent abilities in the game: Explosive Landmines.

This attack throws out mines in a circular radius, which can be detonated by recasting the ability. This move is brutal in PvP and PvE battles and hard to escape in time. Blood Explosion Art is an aggressive Demon Art that enables you to engulf your enemies in the chaos of landmines and swift strikes.

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A-Tier Demon Art in Project Slayers

Our pick for A-Tier is Reaper Art. This Demon Art is perfect for chasing your opponents and dodging their attacks. With its abundance of dashes, Reaper Art can disorient enemies and strike them when they least expect it. It is more optimized for PvP but can be used for a quick getaway in PvE fights.

Reaper Art possesses one of the most unique moves in any Demon Art: Sonido. This move makes you invisible briefly, creating speedy effects similar to Slasher from Demon Slayer. You can reposition during this ability, confusing your enemies in the process. Reaper Art is a speed-reliant Demon Art that enables you to catch enemies off guard with sneaky attacks.

B-Tier Demon Art in Project Slayers

Our pick for B-Tier is Tamari Ball Art. This Demon Art is perfect for block breaking due to the staggering three moves that can block break. Although the attacks require precise aim, they are deadly if they land.

Tamari Ball Art’s most significant advantage is its Four Arms ability. With this ability, the player grows four other arms with exclusive skills and combos. This Demon Art is effective in PvE but can also be used in PvP if you are confident in your ability to aim. Tamari Ball Art is an aim-reliant Demon Art that allows you to pierce enemy defenses and nullify their blocks.

C-Tier Demon Art in Project Slayers

Our pick for C-Tier is Arrow Art. Although this Demon Art has crisp visual effects, it lacks the damage potential of the other Demon Arts. Every one of the Arrow Art attacks is aim-based, requiring precision to be helpful at all.

The one move that makes Arrow Art stand out is Arrow Flight, which allows you to fly briefly. While this ability is fun, it provides little to no combat potential. This Demon Art is mildly effective in PvE but not helpful in PvP. Arrow Art is an entirely aim-reliant Demon Art most desirable because of its mobility.

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