It’s easy to forget how useful consumables and throwables are in Soulslike – the fun is hitting enemies with your hammer, slashing with swords and more. But don’t sleep on these items in Lies of P. On the consumables side, you’re forced to use them when fighting enemies that quickly cause overheating, shock, corruption, and more, all effects you’ll want to get rid of ASAP. Some items do that, and some items make it harder for enemies to inflict these conditions on you. Use them.

And on the throwable side, you pick up various items that inflict the same status effects on enemies. Your Legion Arm and Grindstone can do the same thing, but they require a bit more time and effort, but throwing a grenade equivalent to an electric grenade to electrocute an enemy is quicker (and you can do it from a distance too) .

Don’t hoard these items – you’ll get more and need to use them.


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