Tesora GamesThe Spanish game publisher and distributor known for its various great releases has just announced its new Twitch show “InsideTesura”.

The hour-long show will discuss the entire indie gaming scene, including exclusive content. Inside The first episodes will be shown on May 18, 2023, and the following episodes will be broadcast every Thursday. The show also marks Tesura Games’ partnership with tech powerhouse AVerMedia.

Tesura Games has released titles such as: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragon And Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. This is the full announcement from Tesura Games’ official Twitter account:

Tesura Games has released countless special edition games in a wide range of genres. Each of these physical releases had a responsibility to understand and celebrate the spirit of the corresponding game, in order to please the fans.

Fortunately, Tesura games have been consistently successful. The vast majority of their releases have featured some unforgettable artwork and amazing collectibles. Just last week, Tesura Games announced a massive collector’s edition of their new Kickstarter-based indie game Koa and the Five Mara Pirates:

Basically, Tesura Games has built a solid foundation for Inside. There should be more than enough content to get excited about, including a variety of upcoming titles and special editions. Getting to know their process, and what interests them, must be very insightful.

They already have a solid knowledge of the indie scene. In fact, many of its releases add some amazing incentives for casual gamers to invest in smaller titles, which they might ordinarily ignore.

Indie games and developers deserve all the support they can get, and with Tesura Games’ built-in fanbase, Inside You must prove that it is real progress.

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