scarf. S. There is currently no word on a Nintendo Switch port.

scarf Originally launched in December 2021, it’s now available on PC. It’s currently on sale via Steam to celebrate the console’s trailer. You can watch the new console teaser today on HandyGames’ YouTube channel:


A wider audience should respond well scarf. Retro platform games from the 90s and early 2000s are trending right now, with the likes Clive & Wrench or the Solarpunk platform Protodroid Deltathe latter of which we just reviewed last week.

It was a simpler age of platformers, where a proper theme and a cool mascot with a sidekick could suffice, though each had some unique twists on traditional mechanics. scarf It doesn’t really aim to revolutionize anything, and is more concerned with the spirit of exploration.

And while it may be a throwback to many familiar platformers, it has more than enough visual ingenuity to keep the adventure engaging and special.

Variety of worlds full of life and featuring vibrant scenery. Given the simpler mechanics, casual puzzles, and straightforward gameplay loop, scarf It’s a nice and easy game that would definitely benefit from a console port.

It would certainly be nice to see this in any of the PlayStation or Xbox subscription services, as fun little games like this tend to thrive in such risk-free games. scarf Definitely deserves attention and support.

You can read about more indie games, Uprising Studios, and other upcoming console ports by checking out the rest of our news section.


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