The X-Axis update for Roblox Reaper 2 (v1.01) brings a host of new content, balance tweaks, and improvements to the game. This update includes the new legendary X-Axis Vollstanding, the addition of the legendary Tenken Shikai, and the uncommon Conquistador Resureccion. Shakkaho and Blender skills received upgrades, and new skills were introduced to Senbonzakura Shikai and Cross of Scaffold Fullbring.

The game menu now has an Items tab, and the UI icons for movelot have been updated. A new extension has been added to the Magma Cave, where players can use an ax to mine crystals and sell them to the Crystal Merchant for in-game currency. New clothing options, AntiThesis and the Lille Barro outfit, are introduced and can be obtained from new Quincy quests.

A new area called “Prarie” has been added to Karakura City, and four new NPCs have been placed throughout the city. A Wandenreich dungeon is entered, with a 10% drop rate to obtain the “Horn” skill by defeating the boss. The mysterious Quincy NPC in Prarie offers a quest to obtain the new skin “Antithesis” for Quincies, with a 25% drop rate. Bombe’s wings have been reconfigured, and Brazo and Cross of Scaffold transformation scenes have been added.

The update includes improvements to downslam and flashstep particles to reduce lag, as well as new waypoint visuals. In addition, tasks now contain pointers. Balance changes have been implemented for various abilities, including Blender, Ryodan, MeteorKick, Yoruichi Teacher, Senbonzakura, Katen Kyokotsu, Arrogante, Murcielago, TVLS, Vizards, Quincys, Ulquiorra TVL, Harribel TVL, and Brazo.

Other changes in the update include a redesigned transport bar, adding an items tab in the inventory, removal of quest breaks on bosses and dungeons, and changes to the status of Tatarforas.

Added a bunch of new codes that will give you some freebies, you can find them on our website Reaper 2 codes page! The patch notes below have been released via Reaper 2 official Discord serverand corrected and reformatted a bit.

Reaper 2 X-Axis Update (Version 1.01)

  • New Mythical: X-Axis Vollstanding Complete an experience with the trumpet skill to get its second form, gain the trumpet skill by completing a Wandenreich dungeon (10%)
  • New Legendary: Tenken Shikai, a powerful shikai with a wide aoe and 4 moves
  • New Uncommon: Conquistador Resureccion, a lion knight with the power of the sun (PINNACLE OF ALL RACES…)
  • New Shakkaho Upgrade: “Shakkaho Self Exploding” – Create a powerful explosion with the Shakkaho in front of you that shoots you and your opponent away.
  • New Mixer Upgrade: “Blender II” – All hits are now over the block
  • Senbonzakura Shikai’s new skill: “Petal Rend” (B) – Crush and knock opponents apart, creating up to 6 petals to attack opponent. Usable in the air.
  • New skill for the Fullbring Scaffold: “Torrent” (B) – crushes the ground and creates three energy blasts that blast enemies away
  • New “Items” tab in the menu
  • New animated user interface icons
  • New extension in magma cave with new NPC, talk to qasward in magma cave to get a pickaxe
  • Mine crystals with an ax to sell them to the Crystal Merchant for money
  • New clothes – Antithesis and Lil’ Barrow clothes. Can be obtained from Quincy’s new missions.
  • A new area in Karakura City located in the back of the hollow forest called “Prarie”
  • Added 4 New NPC’s around Karakura Town
  • Wandenreich dungeon added, talk to AsheenOne to challenge Wandenreich, and get the “Horn” by defeating the boss. (10% Drop Rate) (note: not the final addition of Wandenreich)
  • Talk to Mysterious Quincy by the bridge in Prarie to get a quest to get the new ‘contrast’ skin for Quincies (25% Drop rate)
  • The secret: “It’s spring in Karakura!”
  • Pompeii Wings Recreated! (Tatarforas weren’t mobile so we’ll add that later)
  • Added transformation shots of Brazo and the scaffold cross!

to improve

  • Optimized downslam particles to dramatically reduce lag
  • Improved flash step to reduce the amount of delay
  • New waypoint visuals
  • Tasks indicate now

Balance changes


  • [Nerf] – Flashstep follow has been removed


  • [Nerf] – Flashstep follow has been removed


  • [Nerf] – Flashstep follow has been removed

Yoruichi’s teacher

  • [Buff] – Remove negativity that led to your reiatsu half
  • [Fix] – Attempted to fix Yoruichi mentor’s Flashstep upgrade applied to follow flashstep and allow unintended combos


  • [Buff] – A new B skill “Tearing the Petal” has been added to shikai.
  • [Nerf] – Bankai Z “Skewer” is now less stunned and has an increased max to prevent combo extensions
  • [Buff] – Bankai X “Split” now has a hyperarmor feature when used outside of C “Massacre Scene”
  • [Nerf] – Bankai C “Massacre Scene” can no longer cancel recharge fees with damage

Katyn Kyokotsu

  • [Nerf] – Bankai X “River Act” now only drains 2 reiatsu per mark instead of being percentage based.


  • Notes: Arrogante’s Z has added a lot more amazement than the last expected update, making Z -> X -> M1 a real combo. This should not be possible anymore.
  • [Nerf] – Z “Respira Hand” hit reduced by 1 second.


  • [Passive Change] – While in Segunda, exchange the Passive “Increased Regeneration” for Ulquiorra TVL’s “Gain 1 HP per hit”. This should help with the Segunda playback problem.
  • [Nerf] – You no longer gain a speed boost while segunda is active
  • [Nerf] – X “Latigo” now has increased endlag when blocking as well as increased endlag when hit. It shouldn’t be possible to expand or combo Z “Cero Oscuras” anymore.


  • [Nerf] – Now at normal FlashStep speed.


  • [Nerf] – Now he has a normal amount of flash steps, and normal speed.
  • [Nerf] – Removed the multiplier recovery rate
  • [Buff] – Added new “Enhanced Defense” node – When mastery starts, get 1% damage reduction with mask. At Max Mastery, get 4% damage reduction. This brings the Soul Reaper’s total damage reduction to 11%.


  • [Nerf] Blut Vien damage bonus reduced to 15%.

Ulquiorra TVL

  • [Nerf] – Z “Lance Cero Combo” no longer has hypershield
  • [Nerf] – C “Latigo De Cola” no longer has an overshield

Harribel TVL

  • [Nerf] – The Z “Fin Slice” has now increased the end tag and launches the opponent into the air on hit. It no longer extends.
  • [Fix] – M2 “Water Bullet” hit no longer skips iframes


  • [Buff] – X “Grua Tirar” Now it should be more even in the air
  • [Buff] – C “La Muerte Shock” now has hypershield

Other changes

  • The engine design has been changed slightly so it isn’t in the road as much
  • Added Items in inventory tab (items are not quite ready yet, this is just a setup)
  • Quest cooldowns on bosses and dungeons have been removed, meaning you can now challenge them without waiting (in return, we’ve reduced experience and cash earned from them)
  • Tatarforas moved to Legendary because it’s not supposed to be legendary
  • Recreated Pompeii pavilions (Tatarforas weren’t animated so we’ll add them later)
  • Switching from Cross Of Scaffold to Auraken will now remove kendo skills and nodes, like all other Fullbring types will reset the Kendo tree.

That’s all we know about the new update for Reaper 2. You can find more coverage of the platform in the Roblox section of our website.

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